Smino Takes His Vices To The Drive-In For 'Netflix & Dusse' The North St. Louis native keeps proving why blkswn is one of the best debut LPs of 2017.

LANGUAGE ADVISORY: This video contains profanity.


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Smino Takes His Vices To The Drive-In For 'Netflix & Dusse'

"Righteous rachetness is the wave."

Consider that a tidbit of cultural wisdom from one of the brightest voices to emerge in hip-hop this year. North St. Louis native Smino lives up to the philosophy he shared last year with Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg in the latest visual from his stellar debut LP, blkswn. Directed by Calmatic, "Netflix & Dusse" features Smino car-hopping his way into the hearts of a rotating cast of admirers as they explore their conscious and carnal sides. It's a male fantasy of ratchet proportions on an album that mixes vice and virtue, while proving to be among the best debut LPs of 2017.

The video comes as Smino prepares to set out on the road with SZA for her CTRL tour, starting Aug. 16.

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