Earl St. Clair Sings I 'Ain't Got It Like That,' But He Actually Does Watch Earl St. Clair tell a personal story of redemption and fortitude with his raw and soulful style of R&B.

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Earl St. Clair Sings I 'Ain't Got It Like That,' But He Actually Does

Back in March, singer, songwriter and producer Earl St. Clair released his debut EP My Name Is Earl on Def Jam records, an impressive debut for someone who didn't formally commit to music until after high school.

This video premiere, featuring the young songwriter and singer PJ (Paris Jones), showcases one of the best singles from St. Clair's record, with an old-school, church-y organ chord teasing right into a funky, powerful R&B back beat. St. Clair slides in — real smooth — with a personal reflection on the emotional and economic struggles of his musical journey:

One in a million maybe it's me,
The chances of winning are slimmer than three.

Those are tough odds indeed, but keep doing what you do, Earl, 'cause your probability for success is very, very good.

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