Taylor Swift Faces Off With Taylor Swift In '...Ready For It?' The video for Reputation's second single takes us to a dark and graffitied dystopian warehouse for a Swift-vs.-Swift showdown.

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Taylor Swift Faces Off With Taylor Swift In '...Ready For It?'

Overnight Taylor Swift released a new video for "...Ready For It?" the second single from her forthcoming album Reputation. (And there's no Nick Saban in sight, despite the song's preview during the college football season opener that pitted Alabama against Florida State.)

Swift again teams up with "Look What You Made Me Do" director Joseph Kahn for the clip. In a dark and graffitied dystopian warehouse — yes, that's the number "89," as in 1989, spray-painted on the wall in red, and "91," presumably hinting at her current beau, Joe Alwyn, in yellow — Taylor, clad in black, meets a mysterious, mechanized Swift.

It's not the first time we've seen Swift present different versions of herself in the run up to her sixth studio album. The video for "Look What You Made Me Do" gave us a dialogue among zombie Swift, Kardashian-bashing Swift and 2009 VMAs Swift in what felt like an attempt to counter her reputation for playing the victim.

Can the new video help propel the mostly-forgotten "...Ready For It?" to the top of the charts? And is a video treatment for "Gorgeous," a more conventional pop tune, on the way? After all, there's still time before Reputation is released on Nov. 10.

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