Now, Now Simulates The Heady Rush Of An All-Consuming Crush In their new video for "Yours," KC Dalager and Bradley Hale conjure up the sound and feel of blissed-out devotion.
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Now, Now Simulates The Heady Rush Of An All-Consuming Crush

It's been five years since the Minneapolis band Now, Now broke through with Threads, one of NPR Music's favorite albums of 2012. When KC Dalager and Bradley Hale returned with "SGL" this past spring, any sense of introversion that may have characterized their earlier material had vanished, leaving behind a confident pop sound.

The band's Tiny Desk concert comes out next week, but in the meantime, Now, Now has just released a video for the irresistibly full-throttle single "Yours." Directed by Alexa San Román, the clip glides between Dalager stumbling on a beach at twilight and smoldering in shades of neon.

In many ways, the video looks like what having a crush feels like. Dalager says was the precise intention: "This video embodies the exact emotions I was experiencing while we were writing the song — feelings of longing, devotion and persistence. The energy of falling in love and being in love."

Now, Now's third full-length album is due out in 2018 via Trans-.

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