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On Air

Two Get My Vote members were featured on Weekend Edition Sunday. Listen to the segment and read their commentaries below.


My Kids' Progressive Thinking

"As for my vote, it's still looking for someone to acknowledge that our nation needs to move in leaps and bounds to catch up to my kids' progressive thinking on race and other problems."


The Truth About Race

"It's not a perfect world...and races are polarizing themselves even more. I dont think Obama being elected will do anything but push the racial divide even further apart."


Focus on Race in Politics

The conversation on race in politics has heated over at Weekend Edition's Sunday Soapbox. Here's a sampling of their responses:

A Hard Choice

"Looking back now as an adult and ignoring what I have been told to believe (instead of all empirical evidence to the contrary) makes the upcoming choice very challenging for me, a Caucasian having witnessed the aftermath of the Detroit and Chicago (riots)." -- Sage A. Hoebermann


What People Have Taught Me

"(When the man) brought their maids from Detroit, (they were the) first black people I had ever seen. Between Daisy and Mary, I learned a lot, about love, and about being decent. I'd vote for one of their children any day, for those ladies knew up from down." -- Leona Heitsch


Time and Conversation

"When I consider the joyful, uplifitng notion of a President Barack Obama, I thank my parents for providing a quiet example of not tolerance but simple friendship..." -- Gay Koenemann


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What Is Get My Vote?

NPR and public media want to hear about the concerns and convictions that motivate you in this election. Politics, as we say, is personal. Tell us about the issues that have touched your life. How have your experiences shaped your political beliefs and goals? What could someone do or say to get your vote?


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