Start your day here: Coral reef report; DOJ steps in on school threats; and more

Published October 5, 2021 at 7:46 AM EDT
A parent and child hold hands walking past a table with face masks headed into Schoolcraft Elementary in Schoolcraft, Mich., on Aug. 30.
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School board members and other school workers have faced increasing threats and intimidation over COVID-19 protocols in schools. Now the Justice Department wants to work with local officials to help address the issue.

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Here are some of the top stories we're following today:

Coral reef report: The world's reefs are struggling because of climate change and rising sea temperatures, according to the largest global analysis of coral reef health ever undertaken. Read the key findings here.

Threats to school workers: The Justice Department is directing federal authorities to meet with local law enforcement to address the current spike in threats and acts of violence against school board members, teachers and other school employees.

Talladega win: Bubba Wallace won his first NASCAR Cup Series at Talladega Superspeedway, becoming only the second Black man in the history of the sport to win a series.

🎧 Also on Up First, our daily podcast, the massive leak of financial documents known as the "Pandora Papers" shows South Dakota is being used as a tax haven.

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