Start Your Day Here: An apparent coup in Sudan; vaccines for kids could be days away; and weekend news you might have missed

Published October 25, 2021 at 7:41 AM EDT
A protester makes a "V" shape with their fingers and looks at the camera. They wear a flag draped over their shoulders and stand in front of burning tires in a street.
AFP via Getty Images
A Sudanese protester draped with the national flag flashes the victory sign next to burning tires during a demonstration in the capital Khartoum on Monday. Protesters denounced overnight detentions by the army of members of Sudan's government.

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Here's what we're following today:

Coup in Sudan: Military forces arrested Sudan's acting prime minister after weeks of rising tensions.

Vaccines for kids 5-11: Shots for this age group could begin early next month. An FDA advisory panel takes up Pfizer's application tomorrow.

Weekend roundup: A "bomb -cyclone" hits the Bay Area in California; more details emerge in the deadly shooting on the set of Rust; remembering the actor who played Gunther on Friends.

🎧 Also, on Up First, our daily podcast, organizers of the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Va., are going on trial.

— The Morning Edition live blog team

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