Start your day here: A nearly all-white jury will hear the trial of the killing of Ahmaud Abery; the Fed takes aim at a sagging economy; today is Diwali

Published November 4, 2021 at 8:07 AM EDT
Ahmaud Arbery-Georgia Trial
Elijah Nouvelage/AP
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Judge Timothy Walmsley questions potential jurors during jury selection in the trial of the men charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery on Tuesday.

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The trial in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery: Eleven out of 12 jurors are white. The judge acknowledged that "intentional discrimination" appears to have shaped jury selection in the trial of the three white men charged with the killing of Arbery, who was Black; Defense attorneys denied that race played a role.

Aiming at inflation fears: The Federal Reserve reports it'll do more to boost the struggling economy.

Today is Diwali: Hindus around the world are celebrating the festival of lights.

🎧 Also, on Up First, our daily podcast, Democrats say they are closer to turning much of President Biden's domestic agenda into law.

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