War in Ukraine live updates: Marine veteran Trevor Reed is released from Russia in a prisoner swap

Published April 27, 2022 at 8:25 AM EDT
Children stand next to large statues of empty shoes on a base.
Genya Savilov
AFP via Getty Images
Children pose for a photo on the pedestal of the Soviet monument to Ukraine-Russia friendship dismantled by workers in Kyiv on Tuesday.

Reed had been held in Russia since 2019. His family had advocated fiercely for his return, and his health was reportedly failing. Also, workers in Kyiv demolished a Soviet-era statue representing its friendship with Russia.

Here's what we're following today:

Russia reportedly aims to form a breakaway government in Kherson: Residents are fleeing in order to disrupt a referendum that Russia plans, Ukraine's defense ministry says.

Russia halts gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria: Energy giant Gazprom said it stopped exports because the countries refuse to pay in rubles.

Odesa grapples with its identity: Most residents of the city on the Black Sea have deep ties to Russia — ties now strained amid Russian attacks.