Congress vets a possible ambassador to Ukraine and considers billions more in aid

Published May 10, 2022 at 8:54 AM EDT
STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images
A view of the city of Mariupol yesterday amid the ongoing Russian military action in Ukraine.

Bridget Brink, a career diplomat who is President Biden's pick to serve as ambassador to Ukraine will be on Capitol Hill today before the Senate Foreign Relations committee for a confirmation hearing.

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Democrats say they hope to quickly pass nearly $40 billion in additional aid for Ukraine. President Biden dropped his request to combine the Ukraine money with a separate request for additional COVID-19 response funds, so that the Ukraine aid can pass faster.

Lithuania's parliament has designated Russia as a terrorist country and its actions in Ukraine as genocide. Lawmakers there are calling for Russia to be held accountable for alleged war crimes and genocide in Ukraine.

Bono and Edge of the Irish rock band U2 played a concert in a Kyiv subway station on Sunday. Bono addressed the audience between songs, praising the Ukrainian resistance, expressing his hopes for peace and invoking the struggles of his own country.