War in Ukraine live updates: Russia batters eastern Ukraine, but forces in Mariupol refuse to surrender

Published April 18, 2022 at 7:57 AM EDT
A man in military fatigues stares at a crater by destroyed buildings.
Ronaldo Schemidt
AFP via Getty Images
A Ukrainian serviceman looks into a crater at the site of destroyed homes in the village of Yatskivka in eastern Ukraine on Saturday.

Russian troops have reportedly taken control of the town of Kreminna in Ukraine's eastern Luhansk region, after weeks of bombardment. In Mariupol, Ukrainian forces are refusing to surrender, despite Russia's long and bloody siege.

Here's what else we're following today:

Lviv's first fatalities of the war: At least four missiles hit the city in western Ukraine shortly after sunrise Monday. Seven people are reported dead, and 11 injured in the first fatalities the far western city has seen.

The war's toll on children: At least 202 children have died and another 361 have been injured throughout Ukraine since Russia invaded, according to the prosecutor general's office.

Many Ukrainians are returning home: For the first time since the war began, more Ukrainians crossed the Polish border going into the country rather than out over the weekend, officials said.