War in Ukraine live updates: Civilians escape from Mariupol; Europe looks for energy alternatives

Published May 2, 2022 at 8:07 AM EDT
A boy from Mariupol looks out through a smashed car windscreen.
Chris McGrath
Getty Images
A boy from Mariupol looks out through the smashed windscreen of his family's car after arriving with his family Monday at an evacuation point in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.

European energy ministers are meeting in Brussels today to address Russia's move to cut off natural gas to Poland and Bulgaria and to consider a ban on Russian oil.

Here's what else we're following:

About 100 civilians were evacuated Sunday from a Mariupol steel plant. Of the thousands of civilians still trapped in the besieged port city, about 1,000 are believed to be sheltering in bunkers beneath the plant. See those and more of the top stories from the weekend.

Russia appears to be tightening its grip on the occupied city of Kherson in Ukraine's south. Yesterday Russia cut off internet and cell phone links to the city, and the ruble was recently introduced as the main currency.

Ukraine is switching from Soviet military standards to Western ones. Ukraine's defense minister says the move will ensure Ukraine becomes fully "interoperable" with NATO.