War in Ukraine live updates: Heavy losses force Russian troops to regroup in Belarus and Russia, the U.K. says

Published March 30, 2022 at 7:54 AM EDT
A tank on a road with houses in the background.
Fadel Senna
AFP via Getty Images
A Ukrainian tank steers its way on a road in the northeastern city of Trostianets on Tuesday. Ukraine said this week that its forces had recaptured the town, near the Russian border.

Russian military units that have incurred heavy losses in the war in Ukraine are being forced to return to Russia and Belarus “to reorganize and resupply,” the British defense ministry said. It’s the latest sign of the trouble Russia is facing in Ukraine more than a month after its forces invaded.

Here's what else we're following today:

Forced deportations to Russia: The Mariupol city council said thousands of residents — including more than 70 staff members and patients at a maternity hospital — are being taken to Russia against their will, a war crime under the Geneva Conventions.

Refugee crisis: More than 4 million Ukrainians have fled their country in the five weeks since Russia invaded.

New warnings on travel to Russia: The State Department cited the risk of Russian government security officials harassing, singling out and detaining U.S. citizens abroad.