Here Are Some D.C.-Area Cats The Bidens Could Adopt A shortlist of potential first felines from local animal shelters.
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Here Are Some D.C.-Area Cats The Bidens Could Adopt

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Courtesy of/Pokie Pot Pie

When Joe Biden's family enters the White House on January 20, they'll bring with them two German shepherds — Champ and Major. Now, they are reportedly looking to add a cat to this crew of first pets.

Locally, there are plenty of options.

Barbara Kertess, adoption coordinator of the Potomac-based PetConnect Rescue, says the non-profit has about 140 cats and kittens currently waiting to be adopted (though, not all of them are of age just yet). "We're very happy that the Bidens have decided to add a kitty to the White House, and we would absolutely love to help them find the right cat," she says.

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At the Humane Rescue Alliance, director of adoptions Ashley Valm says the cat adoption process will be the same for the Bidens as it is for everyone who brings home a new pet: making sure the cat is a good fit for their family and vice versa.

"Whatever cat they're going to bring into the White House is going to have to be pretty used to being around a lot of people, change, new environments, and exciting times," Valm says. "So, definitely a cat that can contend with all of that and [is] really social and easygoing."

The Washington Post recently dropped a list of fictional and famous cats the Bidens could adopt. But let's be real — this is a serious matter. Here's a shortlist of potential first felines from the D.C. area.

Tom Cuddleston is looking for a home. Courtesy of/Pokie Pot Pie hide caption

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Courtesy of/Pokie Pot Pie

Mr. Tom Cuddleston

This heartthrob is blind and has Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), so he's struggled to find a home, even as pet adoptions have skyrocketed during the pandemic. "But he is hella handsome, super sweet, and the most amazing cuddle monster ever," says foster mom Jen Boger, who you might remember as the foster parent of lovable 28-pound cat Wilford.

Boger says Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation has seen a record number of adoptions this year and has been able to take in more cats with special needs, including Mr. Cuddleston. For more info, check out his bio page or search #TomCuddleston on Instagram.

"You get the Purr-residential pick of the litter!" the HRA wrote in a Twitter post about the three kittens. Courtesy of/Humane Rescue Alliance hide caption

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Courtesy of/Humane Rescue Alliance

Rehoboth, Lewes, and Bethany

The Humane Rescue Alliance is taking care of a new litter of kittens named in honor of Biden's love of Delaware beaches, as Washingtonian first reported. Upon hearing the news about Biden's plans, HRA launched a social media campaign to help the president-elect pick his new "Catbinet" member, tweeting out a video of the kittens being bathed by their mama, Cattleya. In November, she was rescued while pregnant at Michigan Park, and HRA tempted the Bidens on Twitter with a video of her cuddly kittens. (Major Biden, adopted from the Delaware Rescue Alliance, will be the first rescue dog to live in the White House.) Find more information about the kittens here.

Magic loves dogs. Courtesy of/PetConnect Rescue hide caption

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Courtesy of/PetConnect Rescue


This outgoing black cat is looking for his furrrever home this holiday season — so why not make it the People's House? He's currently in a home with a bunch of foster dogs and loves being around them, experience that would help if he's ever introduced to Champ and Major Biden. Magic Biden ... it has a ring to it, doesn't it? Check out his PetConnect Rescue bio here.

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Courtesy of/Ellen Carozza


The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation's (CGMFF) mission is to provide medical care and shelter for cats that would otherwise be euthanized. Take Flora, for example, who was born with eyelid agenesis (lack of complete eyelids) and will need some reconstructive surgery on her eyelids in the future.

"Would it be awesome to see cat of this caliber in the [White House]? Of course!" writes Ellen Carozza, a veterinary technician at the NOVA Cat Clinic and founder of the CGMFF, in an email to DCist/WAMU. "This is the people's cat. She is one of us. Quirky, perfectly imperfect, and downright adorable, and 100% deserved the chance to thrive."

This kitty already has plenty fans on Instagram, so she might have a new home before Inauguration Day.

Nessa is outgoing and affectionate. Courtesy of/DC Paws Rescue hide caption

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Courtesy of/DC Paws Rescue


"I hope [Biden] likes chonky cats because we just rescued one who would be purrfect for the White House," says Kate Viar of DC Paws Rescue. Indeed, Nessa (above) is a "heckin' chonk" on the "chonk scale," per DC Paws, standing at nearly 12 pounds. DC Paws took her in two weeks ago, and she's already lost a pound or two. Viar says Nessa, rescued from South Carolina, would make for a perfect White House greeter.

"She knows no strangers and loves everyone, including children and dogs," Viar writes in an email to DCist/WAMU. "She is outgoing and affectionate, and loves to keep her humans company. She fears nothing, and would just immediately blend into her new world."

According to DC Paws, Nessa's previous humans complained that Nessa was "too affectionate and clingy." Huh? At least the Bidens don't seem to have a problem with being playful with pets (as evidenced by the president-elect's recent hairline fracture, received while playing with Major).

Albert is a six-month old tabby who's housetrained. Courtesy of/City Kitties hide caption

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Courtesy of/City Kitties


This adventurous guy is "ready to be your sofa cuddle buddy for winter binge-watching," per his profile on the City Kitties website (the feline side of City Dogs Rescue). The six-month-old tabby was rescued in West Virginia and enjoys playing with the dogs in his foster home. He's good with other cats, too, so maybe the Bidens will adopt multiple furry friends.

Other outgoing and friendly City Kitties include Snowman, Bear, and Michelle.

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