Uber, Lyft, and D.C. taxis add surcharge to defray rising gas costs The average cost of gas in the region is about $4.40 a gallon, one of the highest prices ever.
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Uber, Lyft, and D.C. taxis add surcharge to defray rising gas costs

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Starting today, ride-hailing apps and taxi services are adding a surcharge to cover the rising cost of gas, which at about $4.40 a gallon is one of the highest prices the region has ever seen.

Companies will charge varying amounts, with Uber adding 45 to 55 cents per ride and 35 to 45 cents per Uber Eats food delivery, while Lyft charges an additional 55 cents a ride, and D.C.'s taxis add on $1 each time.

While the extra buck on D.C.'s taxis is part of a D.C. Government Surcharge Emergency Ruling that is scheduled to last until July 13, Lyft and Uber say they expect the additional charges to last at least 60 days.

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In all cases, the surcharges will be paid by customers and will go directly to the drivers who pay for the gas.

"This will help offset fuel costs, which also helps more drivers stay on the road," Lyft wrote.

The rising cost of fuel is affecting transportation across the region. One way states are trying to address the increased prices is by temporarily halting taxes on the product. Maryland's one-month gas tax holiday could start as soon as Thursday. Maryland has the eighth-highest gas tax in the nation, meaning a pause could potentially save drivers 37 cents a gallon. Virginia's Gov. Glenn Youngkin is also asking the legislature to suspend the commonwealth's almost 27 cent a gallon gas tax for three months, but that has not yet been approved.

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