Honor Killings: A Global View

In the name of family honor, "women and young girls are set ablaze, strangled, shot at, clubbed, stabbed, tortured, axed, or stoned to death," a United Nations report (PDF) stated in 2004.

No one knows just how many people are murdered each year to restore family honor.  The killings often go unreported, and even when a murder is reported, it can be difficult distinguishing between an "honor killing" and an incident of domestic violence.

The map below shows countries where honor killings have been reported.  But given the challenge of recording these incidents, the map should not be considered exhaustive.

[Map: Countries with reported cases of honor killings]

Source: United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary and Arbitrary Executions

Credits: Ailsa Chang, Alyson Hurt and Robert Benincasa / NPR

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