Mexico Drug Cartel Territory

Mexico is the top supplier of marijuana — and also a major supplier of methamphetamines — to the United States. In addition, it is a major transit country for other drugs, including cocaine and heroin, coming from other countries. Mexican cartels have now displaced Colombian groups as the dominant cocaine traffickers in the world. Several drug cartels in Mexico have a part in the process, and often war over territory. As Mexican President Felipe Calderon's administration has attempted to clean up the country and to rid Mexico of the top narco-traffickers, other cartel members have killed thousands in an effort to swoop in on the territory and trafficking routes left behind.

Roll over the highlighted areas of the map to learn more about the major Mexico drug cartels and areas of dispute.

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Sources: Congressional Research Service Report, Oct. 2007; Explorando México; NPR

Credits: Alyson Hurt, Lindsay Mangum Powell, Meghan C. Sullivan and Mor Vimmer/NPR