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Election 2000

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The End at Last: Listen to George W. Bush's acceptance speech and listen to Al Gore's concession. Listen to NPR's coverage and analysis of the last day of the long election and tell us what you think in our your turn area.

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Send in your solutions to the presidential predicament. Lighten up with some political satire and check out the winning haiku acceptance speech. Plus, vote for your most important issue.

Election 2000

Americans went to the polls on Nov. 7 but it wasn't until 36 days later that they got a new president. On Dec. 13, Republican George W. Bush declared victory, a day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Democrat Al Gore's call to recount votes in the pivotal state of Florida. The Bush transition is covered on a separate part of our Web site.

The high court's unprecedented involvement capped the longest election in over 100 years. It also ended five weeks of daily roller coaster rides through courts at all levels. That saga all but eclipsed an eventful election year, when the early primaries nearly toppled the front-runners and a few revelations triggered some mud slinging. Check out the action and the actors in Election 2000 in our links on the navigation bar on the left side of the page. Of particular note is our coverage of the issues, the Senate and House races and our lively discussion boards.

Post-Election Highlights

  • Listen to George W. Bush's acceptance speech.
  • Listen to Al Gore's concession.
  • Listen to NPR News coverage and analysis of the last day of the long election.
  • Listen as pollster Andy Kohut talks about the public's take on the election on Morning Edition.
  • Listen as Morning Edition host Bob Edwards talks with Jeff Greenfield, senior political analyst with CNN, about Greenfield's book The People's Choice.
  • Listen as NPR's Alex Chadwick speaks with Harvey Mansfield, editor and translator of the newest edition of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America.
  • Listen to NPR's report on Republican vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney's heart condition.
  • Listen to Bush's acceptance speech after Florida's vote certification.
  • Listen to Al Gore's post-certification statement in its entirety.
  • Listen to Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris as she certifies the Florida vote.

    U.S. Supreme Court Coverage

  • View our entire Supreme Court special coverage section.
  • Listen to NPR News coverage and analysis of the Dec. 12 decision.
  • Read the Dec. 12 ruling.
  • Listen to the Dec. 11 oral arguments.
  • Read the transcript from the Dec. 11 session.
  • Listen to NPR News coverage and analysis of the Dec. 11 hearing.
  • Read the high court's Dec. 4 ruling.
  • Listen to NPR News coverage and analysis of the Dec. 1 oral arguments.
  • Listen as Bush, Gore lawyers argue before the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 1.
  • Read the transcript of the Dec. 1 hearing.
  • See a photogallery of the protests outside of the courthouse.

    Florida Supreme Court Coverage

  • Listen to or read the court's decision ordering manual recounts.
  • Listen to NPR News coverage of the Dec. 7 oral arguments before the Florida Supreme court.
  • Read the entire Nov. 21 ruling from the Florida Supreme Court.
  • Listen to NPR analysis of the court's Nov. 21 ruling.
  • Check out the Florida Supreme Court's Web site.

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