Election 2000

Election Events

Tuesday, November 7

  • Voters across the United States cast their ballots.

    Wednsesday, November 8

  • The races in Florida, New Mexico and Oregon are too close to call.

    Tuesday, November 14

  • 5 PM deadline for counties to report election returns imposed by Florida's Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris.
  • Broward County reverses course and grants Gore's request for a full hand recount.
  • Circuit Judge Terry Lewis rules that Harris could enforce the deadline but requires her to use flexibility in her decision.

    Wednesday, November 15

  • Harris announces official Bush lead of 300 votes and gives a 2 p.m. deadine for counties to justify late returns.
  • Florida's Supreme Court rejects Bush's bid to block the recount.
  • A federal appeals court in Atlanta agrees to hear Bush's request to block all Florida hand recounts.
  • Palm Beach County gets a green light for its recount with a ruling that the canvassing board could decide how to review the votes.

    Thursday, November 16

  • Harris refuses counties' justifications for submitting late returns.
  • Florida Supreme Court gives the green light to Florida counties to go ahead with ballot hand recounts.
  • Bush decides against contesting Iowa results, which give Gore a narrow lead.

    Friday, November 17

  • Circuit Judge Lewis rules that Harris can reject returns filed after Nov. 14 deadline.
  • Gore appeals Lewis decision to Florida Supreme Court.
  • Florida Supreme Court rules Harris may not certify results on Saturday; sets hearing on issue for Monday, Nov. 20.
  • Thousands of Florida absentee ballots from overseas are due by midnight Friday and will be added to the state total.
  • Hearing is held on the constitutionality of a re-vote in Palm Beach.

    Saturday, November 18

  • States have noon deadline to submit overseas ballot counts.
  • Hand recounts proceed in Broward and Palm Beach counties.
  • Miami-Dade County officials meet again to consider a full hand recount of more than 600,000 votes.

    Monday, November 20

  • Florida Supreme Court hears arguments on whether Harris has final authority to certify ballots as of Nov. 14 deadline.
  • Florida Attorney general says overseas ballots, mostly from military bases, that were rejected because they lacked postmarks should be counted.

    Tuesday, November 21

  • Florida Supreme Court rules that hand-recounted votes can be accepted for six more days.

    Wednesday, November 22

  • Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Dick Cheney is hospitalized for chest pains.
  • Miami-Dade County halts unfinished recount amid dispute over standards for counting ballots.
  • Bush appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Thursday, November 23

  • Florida Supreme Court rejects Gore appeal to force Miami-Dade to reconvene their recount.

    Friday, November, 24

  • U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear Bush appeal.

    Saturday, November 25

  • Bush drops lawsuit on counting military absentee ballots, but files suits in five individual counties.

    Sunday, November 26

  • Florida Supreme Court sets 5pm deadline for the Secretary of State's office to accept all recounts.
  • Florida certifies election results, declaring Bush the winner by 537 of the nearly 6 million votes cast. Palm Beach hand recounts are not included in the total.

    Monday, November 27

  • Gore goes on national television to defend his call for recounts and files suit in local court contesting Florida results.
  • Bush team calls for private donations to finance White House transition after the Clinton administration refuses to release funds traditionally provided for the hand-over.

    Tuesday, November 28

  • Gore calls for seven-day plan to recount Florida votes to begin immediately. Leon County Circuit Court Judge agrees to consider the recount but holds off on hearing until December 2.
  • Gore, Bush lawyers deliver briefs to U.S. Supreme Court for December 1 hearing.

    Wednesday, November 29

  • Bush opens transition office in McLean, VA
  • Gore vows to fight on until mid-December

    Thursday, November 30

  • Palm Beach ships ballots to Tallahassee for December 2 hearing.
  • Gore appeals Leon County refusal to begin immediate recount to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Friday, December 1

  • U.S. Supreme Court Justices hears case.
  • Florida Supreme Court rejects Gore's appeal for expedited recount
  • Florida Supreme Court rules "butterfly ballot" constitutional

    Saturday, December 2

  • Leon County Circuit Court considers recounts of one million ballots from Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

    Monday, December 4

  • U.S. Supreme Court sets aside Florida Supreme Court decision extending deadline for recounts, sending it back to the state court for further clarification of its ruling.

    Tuesday, December 5

  • The Florida Supreme Court schedules oral arguments for Thursday for Gore's appeal of Monday's ruling rejecting his challenge to the certification of Bush as Florida's winner.
  • The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments on Bush's effort to have the manual recounts declared unconstitutional.

    Wednesday, December 6

  • Fed appeals court in Atlanta refuses to throw out recounted votes in three Florida counties.

    Thursday, December 7

  • Gore lawyers argue for recounts before Florida Supreme Court .
  • Trials on absentee ballots in Seminole and Martin counties end.

    Friday, December 8

  • Florida supreme court orders immediate manual recounts of ballots from Miami-Dade and other counties. The 4-3 vote gives Gore another 383 votes from earlier partial recounts.
  • Circuit courts in Seminole and Martin counties rule that absentee ballots did not violate the law though Republican workers filled in missing ID numbers.

    Saturday, December 9

  • U.S. Supreme Court agrees to Bush's appeal for a halt to recount and schedules oral arguments from both sides for Monday.

    Monday, December 11

  • U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Bush's appeal to halt the Florida vote recount.

    Tuesday, December 12

  • Florida designates 25 electors pledged to Bush for Electoral College vote.
  • Florida Supreme Court rejects Democrats' bid to throw out absentee ballots they charge Republicans tampered with.

    Wednesday, December 13

  • Bush declares victory, Gore concedes.

    Monday, December 18

  • Members of the Electoral College cast their votes.

    Saturday, January 20, 2001

  • Inauguration Day.

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