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President with a Purpose
George W. Bush will give an acceptance of his party's nomination.

George W. Bush
The first-born son of former vice president and President George Bush, the younger Bush will be named nominee at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia. After a hard-fought primary campaign during the early months of this year, Bush wrapped up the nomination late this spring. Like his Democratic opponent, Vice President Al Gore, the 54-year-old Bush is the son of a political father. But unlike Gore, who successfully launched a political career in his early years, the younger Bush lost his first congressional bid and then chose to make a life near the Texas neighborhoods where he grew up -- far from Washington and the eastern schools where he was educated.

A Texas Air National Guard pilot from 1968 until 1973, Bush flew F-102s with the 147th Fighter Wing, 111th Fighter Squadron. Following his failed congressional bid, he entered the oil business and invested in a baseball farm team. In 1995 he ran for Governor of Texas and defeated the popular Ann Richards.

Married to teacher and librarian Laura Welch in 1977, Bush is the father of twins Barbara and Jenna, named after their grandmothers. They are usually far from the public eye.

Laura, former president Bush, his popular mother Barbara, brother Jeb (governor of the vote-rich state of Florida) and the rest of the Bush clan have been campaigning enthusiastically on the Texas governor's behalf.

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