Election 2000


  • Calls for $45 billion dollars in increased spending over 10 years for weapons research and development and $1 billion dollars in military pay hikes beyond pending increase.
  • Supports deployment of a space-and-land-based anti-missile defense system large enough to protect U.S. turf and allies and would scrap current weapons treaties with Russia if necessary to do so.
  • Wants deep cuts in the U.S. nuclear arsenal so long as they would not undermine security.
  • Supports a review of U.S. troops deployments and argues for fewer peacekeeping missions.
  • Opposes lifting ban on gays in the military.
  • Wants $100 billion in increased military spending over 10 years
  • Backs the deployment of a missile defense system that would shield the U.S. from "rogue state" attacks, but would be sufficiently limited to avoid abrogating current arms treaties.
  • Favors the immediate ratification of the nuclear test ban treaty.
  • Supports lifting ban on gays in the military.
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