Election 2000


  • Backs school accountability through a testing program administered by individual states.
  • Favors siphoning funds from public schools with inadequate performance to pay for vouchers for alternatives, such as private and religious schools.
  • Calls for a $5 billion reading program aimed at universal literacy by the third grade.
  • Backs $3 billion in loan guarantees for new charter schools.
  • Supports tax deductible education savings accounts.
  • Wants a $1 billion dollar increase in Pell Grants for students taking advanced placement courses in high school.
  • Supports national education standards, mandatory testing for new teachers and merit pay for teachers.
  • Opposes using federal tax dollars to provide vouchers for private schools, but favors providing more public school choices.
  • Calls for a 10-year, $115 billion education trust fund.
  • Backs a tax-deductible education account in which employers and parents can invest up to $2500 a year.
  • Supports reducing class size by hiring one million new teachers over 10 years.
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