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Electoral Votes By State
Connecticut - 8 | Maine - 4 | Massachusetts - 12 | New Hampshire - 4 | Rhode Island - 4 | Vermont - 3

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 Connecticut       Electoral Votes: 8 -- Gore
Senate | House

Lieberman (14.4)
All Things Considered, September 27, 2000

Senator Joe Lieberman is a household name because he's running for vice president. But he also has a second campaign to run this fall, for re-election to his Senate seat in Connecticut. He insists he intends to run both races, but some Democrats are having second thoughts. They worry that if Al Gore and Lieberman win the national race, Connecticut's Republican governor will fill the vacant Senate seat with a Republican. Connecticut Public Radio's John Dankosky reports.

Black Voters (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 26, 2000
Host Linda Wertheimer traveled to Connecticut for a look beyond the New Hampshire primary. At Hal's Diner in North Hartford, Linda chatted with some African-American voters, part of a demographic which is expected to show strong support for Vice President Al Gore at the polls.

 Maine       Electoral Votes: 4 -- Gore
Senate | House

Maine's Campaign Finance Legislation Changes (14.4)
Morning Edition, August 10, 2000
From Maine Public Radio, Charlotte Renner reports on recent changes to Maine's campaign finance legislation.

 Massachusetts       Electoral Votes: 12 -- Gore
Senate | House

Banned Punchcards (14.4)
Weekend All Things Considered, November 18, 2000
Election-recount limbo is nothing new to some voters in Massachusetts, where four years ago a congressional race was decided by "pregnant chads" and "swinging doors" during a recount of punch-card ballots. As NPR's Tovia Smith reports, the state went on to ban the use of such ballots... and the winner of that election is now in Washington, where he's proposing uniform ballot guidelines nationwide.

Question Five Initiative (14.4)
Morning Edition, November 1, 2000
NPR's Richard Knox reports on a ballot initiative in Massachusetts that aims to provide universal healthcare throughout the commonwealth by 2002 with its Question Five initiative. But while the initiative is attractive to voters, Health Maintenance Organizations say it goes too far and they have mounted a vigorous effort against it.

Al Gore and Foreign Policy (14.4)
Morning Edition, May 1, 2000
Fred Thys of member station WBUR reports from Boston on Al Gore's first major foreign policy speech as the presumed Democratic Presidential nominee. Gore criticized his Republican adversary, Governor George W. Bush of Texas saying Bush sided with Congressional Republicans in opposing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and Bush supports a global 'Star Wars' type missile defense system.

Voters - Part 2 (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 27, 2000
NPR's All Things Considered Host Linda Wertheimer continues her look beyond the New Hampshire primary, talking to voters in other New England states. She's exploring the views of different demographic groups. Today, Linda talks with a group of working class men, about who they'd like to see succeed President Clinton. She stopped for lunch at O'Brien's Corner, a tavern in Springfield, Massachusetts.

 New Hampshire        Electoral Votes: 4 -- Bush
House | Governor

With Help From McCain (14.4)
Weekend Edition - Saturday, October 21, 2000

Senator John McCain defeated George W. Bush in the New Hampshire primary. But though the candidate has bowed out, he's still a favorite among voters. New Hampshire Public Radio's Av Harris reports on efforts by both McCain and Bush to get voters interested in Bush.

First Impeachment in New Hampshire (14.4)
Morning Edition, September 19, 2000

Doug MacPherson of New Hampshire Public Radio reports on the first impeachment trial in that state. Yesterday New Hampshire's Senate opened the trial to hear charges against Chief Justice David Brock. He is accused of lying to investigators, making an improper call to a lower-court judge and soliciting comments from another justice about a divorce case.

New Hampshire Death Penalty Vote (14.4)
Morning Edition, May 18, 2000
New Hampshire Public Radio's Trish Anderton reports that the New Hampshire Senate is expected to approve a bill today, that would abolish the death penalty in that state. Anti-death penalty activists look to the vote as a watershed -- but supporters of the death penalty see it as a cause to mobilize their backers like never before.

New Hampshire Primary Results (14.4)
Morning Edition, February 2, 2000
NPR National Political Correspondent Elizabeth Arnold reports on the results of the New Hampshire Primary. New Hampshire voters delivered a resounding victory to Arizona Senator John McCain last night in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Vice President Al Gore once again fended off his only challenger, former Senator Bill Bradley.

Bush Recovery (14.4)
All Things Considered, February 2, 2000
Host Linda Wertheimer speaks with NPR's National Political Correspondent Elizabeth Arnold about the differences between yesterday's New Hampshire primary, and the one on February 19th in South Carolina. In his concession speech last night, Texas Governor George W. Bush claimed South Carolina is "Bush Country."

Democrats (14.4)
All Things Considered, February 2, 2000
Among Democrats, the New Hampshire results were far less decisive. Vice President Al Gore won with a slender 52 percent to 47 percent for former Senator Bill Bradley. Today, both candidates paid a visit to New York, one of the big states voting on March 7. NPR White House correspondent Mara Liasson reports on what the fight for the Democratic nomination will look like over the next five weeks.

New Hampshire Primary (14.4)
All Things Considered, February 1, 2000
Linda Wertheimer in New Hampshire and Robert Siegel in Washington have the latest on the nation's first primary. In the Republican race, Arizona Senator John McCain has been declared the winner. We'll hear from NPR's Elizabeth Arnold at McCain's campaign and from NPR's Tovia Smith with the George W. Bush campaign. The Democratic race is still too close to call. We'll hear from NPR's Mara Liasson at Gore headquarters, and from NPR's Anthony Brooks with former senator Bill Bradley's campaign.

Exit Polls (14.4)
All Things Considered, February 1, 2000
New Hampshire is holding the nation's first presidential preference primary today, a contest that traditionally shapes the race for the White House. Exit pollsters at strategically chosen locations around the state have been talking to the voters about what is on their minds. Robert Siegel talks about the voters' responses with Andrew Kohut, Director of the Pew Research Center for The People and the Press. We also hear from George W. Bush.

N.H. Primary Results Continued (14.4)
All Things Considered, February 1, 2000
Robert and Linda discuss the New Hampshire primary with E.J. Dionne, columnist for the Washington Post and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington. Also joining the conversation is David Brooks, senior editor of the Weekly Standard.

N. H. Primary Results Continued (14.4)
All Things Considered, February 1, 2000
Linda Wertheimer and Robert Siegel with more coverage of the New Hampshire primary. We hear Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona claim victory in tonight's election. Texas Governor George W. Bush conceded defeat, but pledges to win the Republican nomination. On the Democratic side, Vice President Al Gore has won. But former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley was close behind. We'll hear from NPR's team of reporters covering the primary.

N. H. Primary Results Continued (14.4)
All Things Considered, February 1, 2000
Linda Wertheimer and Robert Siegel continue coverage of the New Hampshire primary, picking up their conversation with E.J. Dionne, Columnist for the Washington Post and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, and David Brooks, Senior Editor of the Weekly Standard. Also joining the conversation is Andrew Kohut, the Director of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

Voters Part Four (14.4)
All Things Considered, February 1, 2000
Host Linda Wertheimer has been on the road in New England for the past several days, talking with people who will vote in the upcoming primaries about their thoughts on the candidates. Unlike some previous years, both parties seem to be doing well with women. Today, Linda talks with a group of women who work for a business publisher in New Hampshire about what issues are important to them in the Presidential election.

Primary Eve (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 31, 2000
In the last day of campaigning in the New Hampshire primary both races remain tight. NPR's Anthony Brooks reports angry words between Democratic candidates Al Gore and Bill Bradley have subsided. The GOP race is likely to be decided by independent voters.

Bradley (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 31, 2000
All Things Considered host Linda Wertheimer on the road in New England interviews Democratic Presidential Candidate Bill Bradley, in advance of tomorrow's primary in New Hampshire. Bradley talks about his effort to correct what he says is misinformation being spread about his views. He also addresses the challenge of campaigning after New Hampshire, and how it will be tough to campaign for the New York and California primaries at the same time. Bradley says his health is fine, and talks about how that has become an issue in the campaign.

McCain (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 31, 2000
All Things Considered host Linda Wertheimer interviews Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. McCain talks about his efforts to sharpen his campaign. He also addresses how voters seem to perceive him as a middle of the road candidate, when in-fact he is more conservative. He and Linda discuss his success as a "straight-talk" candidate, and whether he would be able to keep that up as President, if he were elected.

Voters - Part Four (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 31, 2000
NPR's Linda Wertheimer continues her tour of New England states, exploring the views of voters about the upcoming presidential primaries. Today she visits Keene, New Hampshire, a town that's home to much of the local high-tech industry. She talks with employees of an Internet service provider, MCT-Telecom-Internet, to ask them which candidates they like.

The Campaign (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 26, 2000
The Republican field of presidential candidates got smaller today. Utah Senator Orrin Hatch pulled the plug on his last-place campaign. The remaining five Republicans will have at it tonight in Manchester, New Hampshire, in a 90-minute debate that could affect the outcome of that state's primary next Tuesday night. After the Republicans are through, the Democrats will have their own hour-long debate from the same site. NPR's Elizabeth Arnold reports from Manchester.

New Hampshire (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 25, 2000
The Iowa caucuses began the sprint to the major party presidential nominations last night. Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore recorded solid victories and hurried to New Hampshire today to campaign for that state's first-in-the-nation primary one week from today. Their principal rivals are here too, anxious to write a different scenario in the contest's next round. NPR's Anthony Brooks reports.

New Hampshire Ads (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 21, 2000
Most Americans now relate to the presidential campaign primarily as a long-running TV program. Whether they watch the news or not, they cannot escape the barrage of campaign ads. This year's flood of broadcast ads has already begun in Iowa and New Hampshire, where early events will begin to narrow the presidential field over the next 11 days. NPR's Anthony Brooks reports.

Independent Voters (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 5, 2000
About a third of the voters in New Hampshire are Independents. It's a substantial voting block, and presidential candidates are trying to win over these voters. Host Linda Wertheimer traveled to New Hampshire to talk with independents about the upcoming Presidential Primaries in New Hampshire. First, she visits with a group of stay-at-home moms in Merrimack a suburban community in the southern part of the state where presidential leadership was a key issue. It was the same concern for in Concord with Rotarians who were meeting for their weekly luncheon. As was the fact that these are undecided voters.

 Rhode Island       Electoral Votes: 4 -- Gore
Senate | House

Rhode Island Senate (14.4)
Weekend Edition - Sunday, July 9, 2000

NPR's Peter Kenyon reports on the race for a Senate seat in Rhode Island. Following the death last year of longtime Republican Senator John Chafee, Democrats hoped to pick up a seat in this largely-Democratic state. But now Chafee's son, Lincoln Chafee, who is filling out his father's term, appears to be a strong candidate to win it himself.

Gore's Campaign Staff (14.4)
Morning Edition, June 16, 2000
Host Bob Edwards talks to Darrell West, chairman of the political science department at Brown University about changes in Al Gore's campaign staff. Yesterday the Vice President announced that Commerce Secretary William Daley is replacing Tony Coelho as chairman of his presidential campaign.

 Vermont       Electoral Votes: 3 -- Gore
Senate | House | Governor

Vermont Civil Union Backlash (14.4)
All Things Considered, October 24, 2000

Steve Young of Vermont Public Radio reports on the turmoil in that state's politics, since the state legislature voted to approve civil unions. Governor Howard Dean, a once-popular Democrat who had been a shoo-in for re-election, has come under heavy criticism from an anti-civil union movement called "Take Back Vermont." Even if Dean survives, his fellow Democrats in the legislature, who constitute a majority, may not. The anger may last beyond Election Day.

Vermont - Gay Marriage (14.4)
All Things Considered, March 8, 2000
Steve Young reports same sex marriage was the big issue at the annual Town Meetings held in many Vermont communities yesterday. A legislative committee has endorsed a bill granting gay couples the same legal benefits as married Vermonters. But those legislators faced angry constituents at yesterday's Town Meetings.

Voters - Part 3 (14.4)
All Things Considered, January 28, 2000
Host Linda Wertheimer continues her tour of New England in advance of the presidential primaries there. Today, she visits the Connecticut River Valley, to talk with Vermont organic farmers about which presidential candidates appeal to them.

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