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Election 2000

Solutions for the Presidential Predicament

How do you think we should solve our current political crisis in the U.S.? Since no one really knows when (or if) this is ever going to really be over, send us your solutions.

Our official contest is over.... Thanks to everyone who entered!

And The Winner Is...

In keeping with the spirit of this election, we've got a tie! Our two lucky winners will each receive a fantastic and stylish NPR mouse pad.

Underwater breath-holding contest. Maybe we'll be lucky and they'll both continue to be too stubborn for their own good.
-- Marziah Karch, KS

Have a competition with each candidate given 25 "butterfly ballots" to punch - winner determined by fastest time with fewest "hanging chads." Extra points given if they successfully voted for themselves.
-- Jerry Lee, ID

Here are some also-rans for your reading pleasure!

Put them each in a room with their running mates and a TV, and make them watch nothing but the endless coverage of the whole mess. If, by some miracle, there is a lull in the news conferences and endless rehashing by the political operatives and pundits, then they would be required to watch nothing but alternating commercials that were aired during the election season.

The first one to go insane would be declared the winner, but since he would no longer be fit to lead, the vice presidential candidate would take office.

Sounds as good to me as any other solution!!
-- Melinda Davis, VA

Three Words: Flip A Coin!
-- Laurie Tanguay, OR

Why end it? It's considerably better for the country than one of the two likely possible outcomes.
-- Hugh Rumsey, WI

Have the winner of the Harvard-Yale football game decide the Presidential election. Harvard wins, Gore is President; Yale wins, Bush is President.
-- Michael Kennison, MA

Have both sides take their cases before Judge Judy. She won't take crap from either side.
-- Charles Ford, CA

Ah geez, jut let Hillary have it. Maybe she'll ask Ralph Nader to be her VP.
-- Jacqui Kemp, DE

Contact Kofi Annan and send in the U.N. After all, if this was going on in some other country, the U.S. would have found some way to intrude upon the process. Besides, Kofi Annan has lots of experience dealing with "the relatives" of politicos, which could come in handy with the Bush contingent in Florida.
-- Jaqueline Almdale, WA

Let them play Family Feud!
-- Tommy Taylor, SC

"Hands on the White House." The two contestants must keep their hands on the White House continuously until one of them drops out from pain or fatigue. The last one standing with his hand on the White House wins it.
-- Roseann Riccio, IL

Let the Miami Relatives decide!
-- Sloan Russell, CA

Invite them to sit in the time-out chair and when they can talk nicely to each other and work this out like nice boys, then they can get up.
-- Michell Allen, MT

There's a mess in Florida and there are only two men responsible for it. I say we put them in one of the Florida counting rooms, give them sixty seconds and in the end the man with the most "chads" wins.
-- Kelli Wood-Mancha, NM

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