After 9/11: The New War on Terror
Changes Seen in Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties, Technology

September 2002 -- As part of NPR's coverage one year after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Special Correspondent Susan Stamberg moderates an hourlong documentary examining the war on terrorism's impact in three areas: U.S. foreign policy, the use of surveillance technology, and FBI tactics within America's borders.

Listen to the audio Listen to the entire documentary; or listen separately to its three component parts:

Going It Alone on Foreign Policy Going It Alone on Foreign Policy
NPR's Mike Shuster reports on how the Sept. 11 attacks have reinforced President Bush's unilateral tendencies. But that go-it-alone policy -- which echoes in current discussions about possible U.S. military action against Iraq -- has alarmed and offended some U.S. allies, Shuster says, and bolstered the view among many countries that America is an arrogant bully on the world stage. The two-part report examines the changes in U.S. foreign policy in the year since the attacks.

Homeland Security in the Information Age Homeland Security in the Information Age
A big new $38 billion budget for homeland defense has created a gold rush for high-tech gadgets, reports NPR's Christopher Joyce. Those new electronic eyes and ears will generate mountains of data. But how will intelligence analysts separate out useful data amid all of the informational clutter? Some experts tell Joyce that's what needed are not more gadgets, but better ways to mine and manipulate data, find patterns in the chaos - and get the right information to people who can act on it.

Civil Liberties and the War on Terrorism Civil Liberties and the War on Terrorism
Immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks, the U.S. government began rounding up suspects in an effort to thwart another terrorist attack. The developments revived a centuries-old debate, one that challenged the framers of the U.S. Constitution: How can government preserve life and liberty? How does an FBI agent, for example, hunt down this new enemy, and still respect the rights of those being investigated? Reporting from Michigan and Florida, NPR's Barbara Bradley looks at FBI tactics and their impact on civil liberties in the age of terror.