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Oct. 1: Pakistan -- A War of Words
As leaders from the United States and its allies prepare to strike at Osama bin Laden and his supporters in Afghanistan, supporters of the ruling Taliban in neighboring Pakistan vow a "holy war" against enemies of Islam. Refugees are caught in the middle.
Sept. 24: Afghanistan -- Life During Wartime
The people of this mountain nation have suffered from four years of drought, five years of often brutal rule by the Taliban, and two decades of war. View the harsh realities of present-day Afghanistan in this photo gallery.
Sept. 18: At Home at "Ground Zero"
Many New Yorkers call the area surrounding the World Trade Center their home -- and some rescue workers have become temporary residents of the area. In this photo essay, they tell their stories of how they are trying to return to a normal life, and find routine amid tragedy.
Sept. 16: The Weekend at "Ground Zero"
The first weekend after the World Trade Center's destruction, visitors use memorials, music and even T-shirt slogans to express their grief, hope and defiance. Meanwhile, at "the pile," increasingly-disspirited rescue workers toil on.
Sept. 14: New York City Recovery
As New York City continues the slow process of recovery and the grim process of cleaning up, strength is found in the men and women working in the rescue effort; and hope is found in a city coming together.
Sept. 12: Capitol Vigil
The day after the attacks, people gathered at the U.S. Capitol for a candlelight vigil. It began as an impromptu gathering, spread by word of mouth, email, and fax from a coalition of non-governmental groups in Washington, D.C. By 9 p.m., about 5,000 people had gathered at the Reflecting Pool and on the grounds of the Capitol.
Sept. 12: World Reaction
The shock of the attack spread quickly around the world, and people mourned from Brazil to Russia.
Sept. 11: Washington, D.C.
After the attack on the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., was subjected to a days-long clampdown by local and federal law enforcement.
Sept. 11: New York
The images of airplanes crashing into the mightly towers of the World Trade Center, of the towers folding to the ground, and of the newly gap-toothed New York skyline will come to represent an America transformed.