Web Resources on American Democracy

General Web Resources

  • Whose Democracy? Public Radio Project Web site

  • Whose Democracy? Take a Citizenship Quiz

  • The Center for Responsive Politics: Money in U.S. Politics

  • Political Money Line: Tracks Campaign Finance Data

  • International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance: Global Voter Turnout

  • The Center for Voting and Democracy

  • Election Nexus: Data on U.S. Voter Turnout and Voting Eligibility

  • Polling Report: Trends in American Public Opinion

  • Project Vote Smart: Data on Elected Officials and Current Candidates

  • Linestanding.com: Company Places Paid Congressional Seat Holders

    On the History of Campaign Finance

  • Vassar: Mark Hanna and Fundraising for the 1896 Presidential Campaign, Considered a Watershed for Campaign Finance

  • White House: William McKinley and the 1896 Presidential Election

  • Ohio State University: The Partnership Between McKinley and Hanna

  • Ohio State University: Political Cartoons Satirizing Hanna

  • Central Connecticut State University: The Civil Service Act, the 1896 Presidential Campaign and the Beginnings of Campaign Finance Reform

  • 'The Christian Science Monitor': Theodore Roosevelt's Campaign Finance Scandal

  • Center for Responsive Politics: A Brief History of Money in Politics

  • FEC: Brief History of Federal Election Campaign-Finance Laws

  • Hoover Institution: Timeline of Federal Campaign Finance Legislation

    On Political Outsiders Running for Public Office

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