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Books for Kids

Detail from the cover of 'Just So Stories'

Author Daniel Pinkwater offers a list of books to give, get or read and enjoy this winter.

St. Nick's Hometown

Santa statue

Saint Nick's hometown in Turkey is a sun-drenched community with orange groves.


Books for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List


December 14, 2006 · Karen Grigsby Bates found plenty of great titles, in categories ranging from novels to cookbooks.


Booksellers Pick Their Holiday Favorites

Detail from the cover of 'Portrait of a Bookstore'

December 12, 2006 · If you're at sea amid the scores of books on the shelves, let three independent booksellers help you narrow down your choices.

Book pages.

Best Books to Give, Read

It could be the perfect book for a special kid in your life, or a can't-miss read for you: Find all of NPR's recommendations here.


Dorie Greenspan's Secrets of Rugelach

Rugelach. Credit: Alan Richardson

December 20, 2006 · Forget the last-minute shopping -- it's time to make holiday cookies. Baker Dorie Greenspan and NPR's Michele Norris hit the kitchen to talk about the holidays and share baking tips for making rugelach. Web Extra: Recipes, Greenspan's Cookie Tips


A Gingerbread House Built of Whimsy and Love

Gingerbread House

December 13, 2006 · When Beth Donovan first made gingerbread men with her son, the cookies nearly broke her teeth. Rather than give up, she built a house with them, and a family tradition was born. Web Extra: Gingerbread, Edible Concrete Recipes


A Vintner's Wonderland

Wine and grapes.

December 12, 2006 · If you know which grapes are the best fit for holiday occasions, you'll have a wide array of options when you walk into a wine store. Bryan Miller offers a selection of tipples, no matter what kind of party you're planning for.


Recipes for the Holidays

Whether you're seeking something savory or sweet, NPR offers a bounty of culinary ideas.


Memorable Music: Great Performances of 2006

Jenny Lewis

December 22, 2006 · NPR and select stations hosted dozens of live concerts in 2006, with stunning performances by some of the hottest acts on tour.


Musicians Pick the Discoveries of 2006, from WFUV

Erin McKeown

December 19, 2006 · New York-based NPR station WFUV gathered year-in-review lists from an assortment of musicians and veteran station host Vin Scelsa, with an emphasis on both new faces and rediscovered old ones.


The Year in Music: Listener Picks

Regina Spektor

December 5, 2006 · Looking back on the music releases of 2006, listeners find plenty to rave about. See which albums rose to the top in this roundup. Web Extra: Hear Choice Cuts


WDUQ's Top 10 Holiday Jazz CDs

Nat 'King' Cole

December 7, 2006 · Pittsburgh-based NPR member station WDUQ, which broadcasts more than 100 hours of jazz programming every week, chooses its list of the 10 best holiday jazz CDs. Web Extra: Hear Songs from All 10 CDs


The Best Albums of 2006

NPR's reviewers and listeners have tuned in closely to the year's music releases. See which ones rose to the top.


Holiday Concerts

Explore interpretations of holiday classics in this collection of concerts, ranging from choral music to jazz.

Gifts and Gadgets

DVDs Are a Gift Giver's Best Friend

Jason Lee as Earl Hickey. Credit: 20th Century Fox.

November 30, 2006 · It's the perfect gift. It's shiny. It has lots of curb appeal. And everyone loves it. No, not diamonds. DVDs! Our list of current titles and rereleased classics runs from newest to oldest.


Old-Fashioned Toys with a Newfangled Twist

Boy transforms into a mohawked-alien with Giggle Gear, a cap with mix-and-match parts.

November 27, 2006 · Tweens may have been sucked up into the world of cell phones and MP3 players, but younger kids still can find joy without a joystick -- which is good, because how else would parents get to indulge their inner child?


Tempting Tech: iPods Are In, Partridges Are Out

Detail of holiday wrapping paper with an old-school video-game theme. Credit: Whimsy Press.

November 27, 2006 · Gadgets may not bring happiness, but they can offer joyful diversions and make our daily work routine a little more comfortable. Our ten holiday gift ideas will delight the geek in your life or, maybe, transform you into one.

Chestnuts: NPR Favorite Holiday Stories

Soldiers Say Army Ignores, Punishes Mental Anguish

Some stressed-out soldiers at Colorado's Ft. Carson say that instead of giving them help, officials are purging them from the ranks.

A Guy Named Otto and a Moose

Commentator Kevin Kling has a story about a true-life experience involving Bill Magie, a legend up in the north country.

A Year to Live, A Year to Die

Faced with a grave diagnosis, Stewart Selman offered to keep an audio diary of his final year, leaving a record for his family.

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Chestnuts: NPR Favorite Holiday Stories
David Sedaris

Santaland Diaries

David Sedaris' account of his experience as a Macy's elf has been a favorite since its first broadcast in 1992.

Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters' 'A Christmas Carol'

Master comedian Jonathan Winters offers a distinctive reading of the Dickens' classic.

Car Talk Carol: Photo by Richard Howard

A Car Talk Christmas Carol

Ring in the holiday season with this tale from Tom and Ray Magliozzi.

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Holiday Story of the Day Podcast

NPR Podcasts Downloadable selections from award-winning NPR programs.


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