NPR Special Report: Strangers at the Gates
Internet Resources for Immigration

The issues raised by immigration to the United States are explored on the Internet from a variety of political perspectives. The following sites represent a broad sample of information available online.

Unlike the fences along the southern U.S. border, the line between Canada and the United States is more a matter of courtesy. This post in northern Washington state marks the American side of the border -- the road in the background belongs to Canada.
Photo: Marisa Peñaloza, NPR

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services -- The new Department of Homeland Security agency that includes the former Immigration and Natualization Service. The Web site contains immigration statistics, regulations and practices.

The U.S. Census Bureau -- The Census Bureau's pages on immigration include immigration estimates and projections, and current population survey data.

The Ellis Island Web site -- The Ellis Island Web site offers a chance to explore your family's history by searching a database of immigration records.

The Center for Immigration Studies is a think tank devoted to research and policy analysis.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform advocates for "reasonable and moderate levels of immigration."

The National Immigration Forum advocates for public policies that welcome immigrants and refugees.

Founded in 1965, the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota is an international resource on American immigration and ethnic history.

The complete work of The U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, established by Congress to study immigration issues

The Immigration and Refugee Services of America develops and manages education and assistance programs that help refugees resettle in the U.S.

The National Immigration Law Center is a broad-based resource for legal issues surrounding immigration.

The American Immigration Law Foundation promotes public understanding of immigration law and policy.

The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is a church-sponsored organization that works with refugees and new immigrants.

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