Steve Inskeep Hosts Weekend All Things Considered
NPR Correspondent has Covered Politics, Pentagon, Afghanistan

Steve Inskeep
NPR's Steve Inskeep

Nov. 2, 2002 -- Steve Inskeep, who as an NPR News correspondent has covered almost every major story of recent years, will become the regular weekend host of All Things Considered starting today.

NPR's daily afternoon newsmagazine and public radio's longest running national program, All Things Considered is heard by 1.7 million people on 520 public radio stations every Saturday and Sunday. "Every day will be an experiment for me, and for the staff who make this program work," says Inskeep, 34. "We intend to take creative risks, have fun, travel far, and do a lot of original reporting."

After reporting from the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, Inskeep traveled to cover the conflict in Afghanistan. His reports on the moves of U.S., Afghan and al Qaeda forces frequently broke new ground, as did his reports on the struggles of ordinary Afghans. Later, Inskeep traveled to Pakistan -- covering, among other stories, the capture of al Qaeda senior leader Abu Zubaydah.

Inskeep has covered major stories since his first day at NPR, when he flew to New Hampshire for the 1996 presidential primary. In 1999, Inskeep was awarded a Pew Fellowship in International Journalism, and traveled to Colombia to report on that country's civil war. He reported from the Pentagon during the Kosovo bombing campaign.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, he traveled with then-Gov. George W. Bush. Inskeep was in the room in Tallahassee, Fla., as officials certified Bush's victory, and then reported from Washington on the night that Al Gore conceded defeat. Assigned to cover Congress in 2001, Inskeep reported on the 50-50 Senate -- from its opening day to the moment five months later when Sen. Jim Jeffords' party switch broke the tie.

"Steve brings great things to our broadcast, both as a journalist and as a naturally curious person," says senior supervising producer Walter Ray Watson. "He'll be a dynamic presence, thoughtful, and voracious for the news... He's got the ability to tell the simple story well and make complicated ones compelling to the audience."

As weekend host, Inskeep succeeds Lisa Simeone who is now hosting NPR's World of Opera. He joins new All Things Considered weekday hosts, Melissa Block and Michele Norris, and veteran host Robert Siegel.