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War in Iraq: Public Radio Coverage and Web Logs

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On the Media

On The Media from Member station WNYC
Special features:
» "Dispatch from an Embed" -- Transcripts of weekly conversations between WNYC and NPR's John Burnett, who is traveling with the First Marine Division while covering the war in Iraq.
Recent shows:
» Dateline: Danger -- The International Federation of Journalists appeals to military leaders on both sides of the war in Iraq to respect the rights of reporters.
» The Baghdad Boot -- Boston Globe reporter David Filipov talks about getting expelled from Iraq for unauthorized use of his satellite phone.
» The Streaming War -- High-bandwidth Internet streaming is becoming a primary source of news, with both big dot-com sites and a number of lesser-known Web sites provide useful information about the events unfolding in Iraq.

NPR member station WBUR
Featured on
» Web logs: WBUR's Ken George and Will Thomson share their personal thoughts and Web links related to the war in Iraq.
» Conflict in Iraq: Get detailed maps and an updated photo gallery illustrating the soldiers, civilians and targets as U.S.-led troops drive toward Baghdad.
» The Connection: An engaging, two-hour daily conversation and call-in show hosted by WBUR's Dick Gordon, examining the war in Iraq and other topical issues.

Fresh Air

Fresh Air from member station WHYY
Recent guests and topics:
» Youssef M. Ibrahim, an expert on energy and the Middle East, talks about the impact of another Gulf war.
» Linguist Geoff Nunberg tracks the evolution of the word "protest."
» Michael Ignatieff, professor of the Practice of Human Rights and the Director of the Carr Center of Human Rights Policy at Harvard University, discusses his reluctant support of a war on Iraq, and his concerns.
» Chris Hedges, former New York Times Balkans Bureau Chief and Middle East Bureau Chief, talks about the mindset of being at war.
» Learn more about the latest show

Jutice Talking

Justice Talking
Recent debates:
» Military recruiters and ROTC programs on high school campuses, and new rules requiring schools to release information on high school juniors and seniors.
» Civic education: patriotism or skepticism? Should social studies curricula emphasize the contributions of Western culture, or promote a more multicultural, egalitarian vision of the world?
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The Diane Rehm Logo

The Diane Rehm Show from member station WAMU
Recent guests and topics:
» War and POWs -- Host Diane Rehm speaks with guests about several perspectives on the rules of warfare and the treatment of prisoners of war, both by Western forces and the Iraqi military.
» Opinions on Iraq -- Rehm moderates a discussion by five members of Congress (four Democrats and one Republican) about America's Mideast policy and pending war in Iraq.

Web Logs -- a listing of popular and Iraq-related "blogs":

(A blog is a frequently updated, personal Web site featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles or other Web sites. Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. Blogs are unique to the Web.)

» -- Perhaps the only blog being written from Baghdad, this site is produced by Salam Pax, who describes himself as a gay architect who has lived abroad for many years.

» -- Ken George and Will Thomson share their personal thoughts and Web links related to the war in Iraq.

» -- Hundreds of Web logs with topics ranging from the war in Iraq to wine tasting.

» -- Created and hosted by Christopher Allbritton, George Paine, Sean-Paul Kelley and Mike Hudack, "designed to provide you with a birds-eye view of Gulf War Redux, the American government and civil liberties issues in the United States."

» Web Logs -- Blogs on art, community life, the Mideast and dozens of other topics.

» Boing Boing -- A collection of blogs submitted by members and a directory to personal Web log sites.