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Opinions Aired on NPR About the War in Iraq

Underestimating the Shiites
The Pentagon didn't expect Iraq's Shia Muslims to mobilize so quickly against a U.S. occupation, NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr says. April 27, 2003

Beyond War in Iraq
NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr says rising anti-Americanism in Iraq proves there's more to regime change than deposing Saddam Hussein. April 23, 2003

Troops in Iraq
Commentator Austin Bay talks about the many duties facing U.S. and British occupational forces in Iraq. Civil affairs teams from the armed forces are responsible for everything from restoring order and utilities, to providing emergency food and medicine. April 21, 2003

A Question of Priorities
NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr questions the Bush administration's handling of the chaos in Iraq that led to the looting of the Iraq National Museum. The failure of U.S. forces to protect Iraq's cultural heritage represents skewed priorities, Schorr says. April 20, 2003

Bush's Gamble
President Bush took a gamble with his tough stance on Iraq. Now, says commentator Ruben Navarrette, it looks like he won. April 18, 2003

Iraq's Looted Cultural Treasures
Experts from the British Museum and the United Nations cultural agency are headed to Baghdad to help catalog Iraq's destroyed cultural treasures. Looting began last week as the regime fell, and by Monday, the country's National Library also had been ransacked. NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr says U.S. forces should be held accountable. April 16, 2003

Desert Treasures
Commentator Craig Childs says the looting of Iraq's museums makes him wonder whether ancient artifacts would be better off undiscovered. Despite our best efforts to preserve these items, Childs claims they are fragments of a "vanishing civilization" that will inevitably slip through our fingers. April 16, 2003

Rebuilding Iraq
There are many unanswered questions about the rebuilding of Iraq -- among them, exactly what the role of the United Nations should be. Commentator Lee Feinstein, a senior State Department official during the Clinton administration, says the United States and Britain must begin the effort, but it is important for the U.N. to give its blessing to what they do. April 15, 2003

Twelve Reasons Why President Bush Should Lead Iraq
Commentator Patt Morrison says the next leader of Iraq should be President George Bush himself. She claims Iraq and Texas have more in common that one might think. April 15, 2003

Reconstructing Iraq
Reconstructing Iraq won't be easy, says NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr. The price tag for rebuilding Iraq is estimated to be around $100 billion and -- unlike the Gulf War -- this time the United States may find itself bearing most of the burden. April 13, 2003

War at Home
Commentator Hope Karides says the fighting may be overseas, but the death of a co-worker’s son in Iraq brought the reality of the war home. April 10, 2003

Weapons of Mass Destruction
If allied forces don't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, President Bush will have a lot of explaining to do, NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr says. April 9, 2003

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