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War in Iraq: Essays from NPR Correspondents
A Collection of Reports from the Field, Found Only at

A Dangerous Highway in IraqA convoy on Iraq's main north-south highway.
NPR's NPR's Emily Harris learns first-hand how treacherous it can be to travel Iraq's main north-south artery. Jan. 9, 2004

Jogging in Baghdad's Green Zone
NPR's Ivan Watson describes a run through the Green Zone, a cordoned-off area of Baghdad that is protected from the city's dangers -- and its hustle and bustle. Dec. 24, 2003

Dodging Traffic, and MortalityNPR's Guy Raz, riding a scooter in Baghdad.
NPR's Guy Raz reflects on how close danger can be when reporting from Baghdad, and how the simple pleasure of riding a scooter can be a revelation. Sept. 25, 2003

Going HomeNPR's Guy Raz in a car in Kuwait
NPR's Guy Raz, who spent 10 of the past 14 weeks in Iraq, describes his rocky journey home. Read his Reporter's Notebook and watch videos of his drive through Iraq and Kuwait. July 31, 2003

The Road from Amman to BaghdadArmored car leads convoy of journalists to Baghdad
NPR producer Charlie Mayer writes about his dangerous overland trek from Amman, Jordan, through the desert to Baghdad, Iraq -- a hot, dusty, 15-hour trip punctuated by threats of bandits and roadblocks. See photos of the trip, and read Mayer's essay. July 15, 2003

A Soundtrack for Iraq's ReconstructionNPR's Guy Raz
NPR's Guy Raz reports on the clash of cultures over music, and how the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime has left trained professionals clamoring for a job and struggling to find their place in an uncertain future. May 13, 2003

A Changing IraqNPR's Peter Breslow
In his latest essay, NPR's Peter Breslow describes the boom in satellite TV dishes being sold on the streets of Baghdad. He also recounts the jitters he and NPR's Scott Simon felt on a trip to Saddam's hometown of Tikrit. May 7, 2003

Covering the War from Europe
NPR's Sylvia Poggioli wasn't on the Iraqi frontline, but she did cover a war of sorts. For, Poggioli reports on the diplomatic conflict between the United States and Europe and the inter-European clash that has destabilized most of the West's international institutions. May 5, 2003.

Looters Ravage Baghdad Mental HospitalA patient at the Al-Rashad Mental Hospital in Baghdad
Once one of the most advanced mental institutions in the region, Baghdad's Al-Rashad Mental Hospital is now struggling to care for its rapidly deteriorating patients. Looters have left the facility without beds, food, anti-psychotic drugs and other critical supplies. But doctors are determined to restore order. NPR's Guy Raz reports. May 1, 2003

Gunfire, the Madman and an Elusive Pizza
Three weeks after Baghdad's fall, gunfire can still be heard, a one-person play features a man crazy enough to have criticized Saddam and the promise of pizza looms around the corner. NPR's Peter Breslow has an essay. May 1, 2003

Chaos and Hope in Postwar Iraq
NPR's Peter Breslow describes the scene in Baghdad as the city struggles to recover from the damage of the war. Amid the miserable conditions, there is a bit of hope, he says. April 24, 2003

A Changing Northern IraqNPR's Ivan Watson
While chaos spreads among most Iraqi cities, the towns of Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq enjoy relative stability and prosperity. NPR's Ivan Watson reports from Duhok. April 21, 2003

In Central Iraq, a Welcome and a ThreatPainting of Saddam Hussein burns.
NPR's Steve Inskeep writes about Iraqis' mixed reactions to the fall of Baghdad. As Inskeep rides into towns south of Baghdad with U.S. Marines, he notes that resentment toward Americans mingles with the cheers of the Iraqi crowds. April 10, 2003

Maintaining a Vigil at 'Camp Peace'Antiwar protester Hans Hähnle at Berlin's 'Camp Peace'
In central Berlin, not far from the U.S. Embassy, antiwar protesters have maintained a vigil since the war in Iraq began. NPR's Emily Harris reports from "Camp Peace." April 8, 2003

Ivan Watson: Journalists and War
NPR's Ivan Watson writes about the "other" front in the war in Iraq -- the Kurdish-controlled areas to the north of Baghdad, where Kurds and U.S. Special Forces troops have teamed up to fight Saddam Hussein's soldiers. Watson reflects on the dangers of covering a war, and the journalists and translators who put themselves in harm's way to get the story. April 7, 2003

North of Nasiriyah, South of BaghdadSteve Inskeep in Marine Corps chopper
NPR's Steve Inskeep shares a personal essay of his experiences as he moves from the comfort and relatively safety of Kuwait City to the forward command post of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, in the desert south of Baghdad. See photos of his trip, and browse other reports from Inskeep. April 6, 2003

The Al Karana Post
Writing from the Jordan-Iraq border, NPR correspondent Jackie Northam describes the harsh desert region where Jordan ends and Iraq begins. Journalists have been waiting in vain to cover the anticipated refugee crisis -- the flood of Iraqis fleeing the fighting, it seems, has yet to appear. April 6, 2003

In a Town That Knows War
NPR's Guy Raz reports on Silopi, a small town along the Iraq-Turkey border. The reminders of war are everywhere -- from the pockmarked buildings to the children who have no school to go to. March 28, 2003

Gulf War Flashbacks

Neal Conan: Captive in IraqNPR's Neal Conan following his 1991 release from captivity in Iraq.
NPR's Neal Conan reflects on his experience as one of three dozen journalists held by Iraqi soldiers for nearly a week in the waning days of the 1991 Gulf War. March 27, 2003

Jacki Lyden: A Friend's Fight for FreedomNPR's Jacki Lyden and her friend Esho.
NPR's Jacki Lyden writes about her friend and translator during the 1991 Gulf War, an outspoken critic of Saddam's regime. Lyden and her friend meet up years later, and she finds that he has met with an unexpected fate. March 22, 2003

Tom Gjelten: Iraq All Over AgainNPR National Security Correspondent Tom Gjelten
NPR National Security Correspondent Tom Gjelten, who covered the 1991 Gulf War, says that while the circumstances leading up to the threatened war with Iraq are different, there are several similarities with the previous conflict. Listen to Gjelten's reports from 1990-91. Wednesday, March 12, 2003