South Africa: 10 Years Later

'Mandela: An Audio History'
Black students disperse after police open fire on a demonstration against the compulsory teaching of the Dutch-based Afrikaans language in black schools, June 16, 1976.

A five-part series recounts South Africa's half-century-long struggle for democracy through rare sound recordings -- the voices of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, and those who fought with and against him.

» Part 1: The Birth of Apartheid
» Part 2: The Underground Opposition
» Part 3: Dissidents and Children
» Part 4: Mandela's Release
» Part 5: Democracy

Allister Sparks Goes 'Inside the New South Africa'
Detail of the cover of 'Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa'

Allister Sparks, author of Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa, offers his view from the ground on the changes that have taken place in the country. Sparks has been reporting on South Africa for some 50 years. April 30, 2004

Writer Paul Theroux: 'From Cairo to Capetown'

Travel writer Paul Theroux discusses his book Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown. It documents his journey across Africa by car, bus, train -- and often by foot. April 30, 2004

Zinzi Mandela, Next-Generation Activist
Zinzi Mandela smiles as a crowd in Soweto, South Africa, carries her to the stage, where she read a speech from her jailed father, Nelson Mandela, Feb. 10, 1985. Credit: CORBIS

Zinzi Mandela, daughter of Nelson and Winnie, is a managing trustee of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and an advisory board member of the Lovelife Foundation, dedicated to HIV awareness. She discusses her childhood, her family and her own activism. April 29, 2004

South African Development Efforts

Thousands of South Africans are now actively engaged in efforts to build schools, construct hospitals, create jobs and counter the scourge of AIDS. Two activists discuss their work on the frontlines: Jacob Moatshe of the Oukasie Development Trust, and Heetan Kalan of Groundwork USA. April 29, 2004

Remembering America's Anti-Apartheid Movement
A Brooklyn crowd cheers for Nelson Mandela during his June 1990 U.S. trip, shortly after he was released after spending 27 years in a South African prison. Credit:  David Turnley/CORBIS

Through campus demonstrations, corporate boycotts, media and music campaigns, U.S.-based activists helped galvanize global efforts against apartheid. Long-time activists Ron Dellums and Johnnetta Cole recall the movement. April 28, 2004

Moeletsi Mbeki on the Challenges Ahead

Ten years of democracy may seem like a long time for South Africa, but true democracies are not easy to come by, especially on the African continent. Political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of current South African President Thabo Mbeki, reflects on South Africa's role on the world stage. April 28, 2004

Exporting Mercenaries

Many former members of South Africa's apartheid era-military have found lucrative work selling their battle-ready skills to the highest bidders. One South African official called his country a "cesspool" for mercenaries. Laurie Goeling, Johannesburg bureau chief for The Chicago Tribune, discusses one of South Africa's more controversial "exports." April 28, 2004

Mandela, Shepherd of South African Democracy
Nelson Mandela, attending the inauguration of South African President Thabo Mbeki, April 27, 2004.

Ten years after South Africa's first democratic elections, Nelson Mandela is being hailed not just for ending apartheid but for setting the stage for a stable democracy -- and holding the country together through its faltering early years of majority rule. April 27, 2004

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
Winnie Mandela, attending the inauguration of South African President Thabo Mbeki, April 27, 2004.

Winnie Mandela discusses South Africa's past, present and future. The former wife of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela has been a key but controversial figure in that nation's fight against apartheid. April 27, 2004

South Africa's Rocky Road to Democracy
Apartheid protest. Photo: CORBIS

The Tavis Smiley Show offers a sound portrait of South Africa's rocky road to democracy. April 27, 2004

South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma

Deputy President Jacob Zuma talks about South Africa's foreign policy, and its ongoing struggle to provide adequate housing and infrastructure for its largely poor population. April 27, 2004

Desmond Tutu: 'God Has a Dream'
Detail from the cover of Desmond Tutu's latest book, 'God Has a Dream'

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was one of the chief architects of South Africa's peaceful transition from the apartheid era to majority rule. The Nobel Peace Prize winner recalls that era and reads from his new book, God Has a Dream. April 26, 2004