Oscars 2009: The 81st Annual Academy Awards

'Slumdog Millionaire' Wins 8 Oscars Including Best Picture

Sean Penn wins best actor for his role in Milk. Kate Winslet is best actress in The Reader. Heath Ledger takes the supporting-actor award for his role in The Dark Knight.

Mumbai Jubilant Over
'Slumdog' Oscar Victory

When hometown heroes nabbed Hollywood's highest honors, crowds cheered and danced in the Mumbai slum the film so memorably depicts.

Morning-After Chat

Members of the media. credit: Jae Hong/AP

NPR Film Critic Bob Mondello

Linda, Bob and a few hundred of their closest friends take stock. (Archived)



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Monkey See

Slumdog Milk-ionaire, Best-Picture marathon, fashion faux pas, more.

Monkey See

Oscars 2009 Schedule

Saturday, Feb. 21
10 a.m.- midnight ET Live Best-Picture Marathon
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Sunday, Feb. 22
7 p.m. ET Live Red Carpet and Backstage
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8 p.m. ET Academy Awards Ceremony
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With Linda Holmes of 'Monkey See' and friends
Monday, Feb. 23
10s a.m. ET Live Chat: Oscars Wrap-Up
With NPR film critic Bob Mondello