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The Investigation

Investigators remain on the trail of those they say plotted the Sept. 11 attacks -- and may be planning further assaults.

search More radio coverage on the investigation into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Osama bin Laden, May 1998

Osama bin Laden, May 1998
Photo: Copyright 2001
Reuters Limited

In Depth

Bin Laden Videotape
Read the transcript of a videotape that shows Osama bin Laden discussing the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Expanded Coverage

Osama bin Laden
Read more about the U.S. government's prime suspect in the Sept. 11 and other terrorist attacks.
Expanded Coverage

Bin Laden's Commanders
Find out more about the two men considered to be bin Laden's closest aides and how investigators say they're involved with terrorism.
Expanded Coverage

Other Resources

See the list of suspects at the FBI Web site.

Visit the U.S. State Dept.'s Diplomatic Security Service. The State Dept.'s Reward for Justice programs offers rewards up for information about possible terrorist acts.