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Lynn McConaughey

MARCH 27, 2003 · Paul Moran was an Australian cameraman who was killed by a suicide car bomb at a Kurdish military checkpoint in northern Iraq last week. Moran, who was 39, had several years of experience covering the news in the Middle East, beginning with the 1991 Gulf War. Over the years he continued to document the lives of the Iraqi people. Here's a War Diary from his close friend, Lynn McConaughey of Washington, D.C. On Friday, she leaves for Adelaide, Australia, Moran's hometown, to attend his memorial service.

A good friend of mine was killed in Iraq last week. He brought back wonderful stories and photos of the people he met -- of just experiencing a Kurdish wedding one day and how beautiful the mountains were. And when current events came to a head these past few months, there was really no question that he would go, even though he has a wife and a seven-week-old baby.

Paul Moran; Photo: Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Paul Moran

He was a vibrant, positive personality who captivated everyone he knew and I don't think there was anybody in the world that he didn't like. He was able to find something positive about everybody and let them know it. We always thought he would be OK and there have been a lot of people around the world who are broken-hearted right now. And I think I always expected to be hearing the news from him, not hearing news about him.

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