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Ziad Ezzat

MARCH 28, 2003 · Iraqi Americans are responding to the war with a wide spectrum of emotions, ranging from fear to relief to outrage. One young man finds solace in political humor. Ziad Ezzat's father came to the United States from Baghdad 40 years ago, and started a small printing company. Now Ezzat, who is 28 years old, runs the family business. But in his free time, Ezzat produces WackyIraqi.com, a Web site that reflects his political opinions and sense of humor. In recent weeks, WackyIraqi.com has received hundreds of thousands of hits. And Ezzat is taking his funny Web site more seriously. This is his War Diary.

Every two or three days I see something in the news I think however disturbing or bizarre it is sort of has a funny slant to it. So I'll take that news story and doctor up a photo and write my own news story about how I think it went or how I think it should have gone or it would have been funny if it went like this and post it as if it were real news. The piece I'm working on right now for WackyIraqi.com is the story about -- it's a satirical story, it's a farcical story about Survivor: Iraq, the next series of the TV show being canceled because all the contestants were killed.

"I feel like I'm talking back, at least for myself, for one person, as an Arab American. This is how I feel."

My family can't get out of Iraq, even if they wanted to. We can't even communicate with them. And it's not a game, it's the real thing. There's just so much news right now that it's really hard not to write something every 10 minutes. But I've got a job and I've got a life, so I can't spend the entire day on it.

I feel like I'm talking back, at least for myself, for one person, as an Arab American. This is how I feel. And I don't know how all the rest of the Arab Americans feel. I don't know how all the Arabs and Muslims feel around the world, but there seem to be a whole lot of people in the world speaking for us. And it's just my small opportunity to speak for myself and say that when every newspaper in the country is saying why do Muslims hate us, and why do Arabs hate us, I like to say, well, some Muslims and Arabs are us.

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