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Anna von Hauswolff's Dead Magic comes out March 2. Lady Lusen/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Watch: Anna Von Hausswolff Digs Into 'The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra'

Like the pipe organ she commands at harrowing volumes and in disquiet drones, her howls rattle and shake with a sublime elasticity.


Watch Sunflower Bean Perform 'I Was A Fool' Live At Pickathon

Watch the Brooklyn band perform a beautiful new song from the upcoming Twentytwo In Blue, recorded live on a warm Saturday evening in Oregon.

Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Pere Ubu On Mountain Stage

Twenty-six years after its first appearance on Mountain Stage, the eccentric rock band played songs from its latest album, 20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo.

Pere Ubu On Mountain Stage

Steven Dewall/KCRW

Watch Elbow Perform 'All Disco' Live In The Studio


Watch the U.K. band perform a track from its latest release Little Fictions, an album about the joy of new love and fatherhood.

Spencer C. Amonwatvorakul/KCRW

Watch Big Thief Perform 'Mythological Beauty' In 360 Degrees


The Brooklyn folk-rock band performs a powerful story-song about family and pain live in the KCRW studio.


Watch Big Thief's Full Performance At Gateway City Arts

WGBH Radio

During an intimate show by the canals of downtown Holyoke, Mass., the band played songs from both Masterpiece and Capacity.

A still from Birthing Hips' music video for "Internet." YouTube hide caption

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Birthing Hips' 'Internet' Is Beautifully Deranged

The Boston band makes brainy, noisy punk that reflects sonic adventure and technical mastery. "Internet," from its album Urge To Merge, shows off the group's flair for the uncanny.

A still from Dirty Projector's "Up In Hudson" music video. Youtube hide caption

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Love Is A Stage Production In Dirty Projectors' 'Up In Hudson' Video

The Dirty Projectors' grandiose, eight-minute masterpiece gets a surreal, quirky video.

A still from Bad History Month's video for "A Warm Recollection." YouTube hide caption

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All Songs TV

Bad History Month's 'Warm Recollection' Of Love And Death

Songwriter Sean Bean says "A Warm Recollection," from the band's new album Dead And Loving It, is about "the high stakes of living life in the face of certain death."

David Thomas, Scott Krauss, Eric Drew Feldman, Jim Jones, and Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu, photographed in May 1991. Frank Ockenfels hide caption

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Pere Ubu On Mountain Stage

As their return to Mountain Stage approaches, revisit this 1991 performance by the trend-setting "Avant Garage" rockers.

Pere Ubu On Mountain Stage

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