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alt-J Make A Breathtaking Short Film For 'Pleader'

This is not your regular music video – it's a six-minute, miniature epic inspired by "Pleader," the closing cut on alt-J's album Relaxer.

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Bad History Month's 'Warm Recollection' Of Love And Death

Songwriter Sean Bean says "A Warm Recollection," from the band's new album Dead And Loving It, is about "the high stakes of living life in the face of certain death."

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Brooklyn Raga Massive Takes 'In C' Out Of The Sky And Into The Streets

Watch Terry Riley's signature piece performed on sitar, bansuri, tablas and violins as members of the music collective gather in kitchens, parks and subways.

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Who Brings Puppies To A Food Fight? Harry Styles, Of Course

There are children dressed as rock stars, cupcakes and puppies in this video for "Kiwi" — a tri-force of cuteness that will not be stopped.

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First Watch: Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding, 'Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore'

Two of New Zealand's most talented singer and songwriters reunite for a song against the storybook feelings of resentment and doubt that come with the end of any relationship.

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Now, Now Simulates The Heady Rush Of An All-Consuming Crush

In their new video for "Yours," KC Dalager and Bradley Hale conjure up the sound and feel of blissed-out devotion.


Circuit Des Yeux's 'Brainshift' Holds A Disorienting Mirror To Humanity

"Brainshift" opens Reaching For Indigo quietly with organ and synthetic choral voices, almost like an invocation. In a manipulated video, Haley Fohr's face is processed through purple soundwaves.

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First Watch: Overcoats, 'I Don't Believe In Us'

Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell dance off disillusionment in their pastel video for the YOUNG bonus track.

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With 'Not Coming Home,' ALA.NI Calls For Love In A Mad World

ALA.NI says it best: "LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE.Take it where you can get it, cause lord knows we need as much of it right now in this mad, mad world." That's at the heart of "Not Coming Home."


Khruangbin Returns With 'Maria Tambien,' Celebrating Iran's Lost Female Artists

In the video for the first single off their new album, Con Todo El Mundo, the Texan trio celebrates Iranian women before the 1979 revolution.