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Howard Crashes Party, Goes to Trial in New Video for "Your Honor"

The latest video from the Brooklyn-based band is a brilliantly animated short for the group's fantastic new earworm, "Your Honor."

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Singer Meg Myers Confronts 'Innocent Touching' And Microaggressions In New Video

In a truly uncomfortable video to watch, the Los Angeles-based singer confronts what it feels like to be a woman in the workplace and how going numb is actually painful.

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Rising Appalachia Write A 'Resilient' Anthem

The sister duo's song and dance-filled video is an uplifting and life-affirming ballad for challenging times.

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Watch The Incredible, Unforgettable Chaos Of Yonatan Gat

The band's new video, for the song "Cue The Machines," includes a mangled Alan Lomax choir recording from the 1950s, flamenco dancing and one of the most incredible live performances you'll ever see.

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Kacey Musgraves Sets 'Space Cowboy' To A Twilight Fade

Like love and sunsets, Musgraves' new video captures the moments of a broken relationship in fuzzy shades of color.

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New Young Fathers Video For 'Toy' Imagines Dictators As Spoiled Children

Young Fathers' new short film for the song "Toy" looks at the current political climate and imagines dictators as spoiled little children, angry with the world because things aren't going their way.

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Maenad Veyl's Menacing, Utterly Danceable 'Liberation' Blasts Into Space

Pulsing a thick and menacing atmosphere, Maenad Veyl's industrial noise demands your body to move.

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Math-Rockers Media Jeweler Discover The Key To Success: Hula Hoops

Of course there's a hulu hoop artist named Miss Hoopdidoo. She dances to the finger-tapped guitar and crashing bass of the L.A. band's spindly track.

Tyler Childers performs a Tiny Desk Concert on March 8, 2018 (Eslah Attar/NPR). Eslah Attar/NPR hide caption

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Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers writes songs about hard lives and hard love with direct heart and a soulful Kentucky drawl.

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Cape Weather's 'Telephono' Outlines L.A. With A Laid-Back Groove

Cape Weather celebrates the clean, hard lines of some of Los Angeles' most famous buildings in a video for its breezy "Telephono."