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NPR Music, WQXR and (Le) Poisson Rouge host an intimate evening of music that spans both great Western and Middle Eastern music with members of an inspiring orchestra, led by one of classical music's most eminent artists. Ryan Muir for NPR hide caption

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Daniel Barenboim And Members Of The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

WQXR radio

NPR Music, WQXR and (Le) Poisson Rouge host a evening that spans great Western and Middle Eastern music with members of an inspiring orchestra, led by one of classical music's most eminent artists.

Odd Future offshoot The Internet performs live at KEXP in Seattle. Dave Lichterman/KEXP hide caption

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The Internet: Odd Future's Smooth Side


Producers Matt Martians and Syd The Kid bring their neo-soul act The Internet to KEXP for a live session on Larry Mizell Jr.'s Street Sounds program. Watch them perform "Give It Time."

Of Montreal performs a Tiny Desk Concert on Dec. 14, 2012. Christopher Parks/NPR hide caption

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Of Montreal

Frontman Kevin Barnes has been working on quiet material, and decided to try it out in the intimate confines of the NPR Music offices. The result is a rarely heard side of a band for whom theatricality has long been a means of expression rather than an end unto itself.

John Cale visits KEXP's studios in Seattle for an intimate performance. Renata Steiner/KEXP hide caption

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John Cale: The Return Of An Underground Icon


The co-founder of The Velvet Underground recently visited KEXP in Seattle to play songs from his solo album, Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood. Watch Cale perform, "I Wanna Talk 2 U."

Mito Habe-Evans/NPR

The Ebene Quartet Powers Through Mendelssohn

Watch one of today's top string quartets delve deep at a Brooklyn bookstore to play the dark-hued second movement of Felix Mendelssohn's Op. 80 string quartet.

Mexican Institute of Sound performs live on KCRW. Larry Hirshowitz/KCRW hide caption

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KCRW Presents: Mexican Institute Of Sound


Camilo Lara is the producer and DJ behind one of Mexico City's most unusual emerging sounds. Watch Lara and his group of live musicians perform "Es-Toy" live during KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.

The Lone Bellow performs at Rockwood Music Hall. WFUV hide caption

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The Lone Bellow: A Perfect Song For Singing Along

WFUV On-Air: Music Discovery Starts Here

The Brooklyn roots-rock group has caused a stir with its self-titled debut. Watch its members perform one of the album's catchiest songs, "The One You Should've Let Go," live in New York City.

Cody ChesnuTT performs live on WFUV in New York City. Daniel Hodd/WFUV hide caption

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Cody ChesnuTT: Love Thy Mother

WFUV On-Air: Music Discovery Starts Here

After 10 years between albums, the soul singer made a triumphant comeback with Landing on a Hundred. Watch ChesnuTT perform one of that record's catchiest and most poignant songs, "That's Still Mama."

Poolside performs on KCRW. KCRW hide caption

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KCRW Presents: Poolside


This L.A. disco duo is aptly named, and was a favorite of KCRW throughout 2012. Listen to Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise perform "Take Me Home," with help from members of Brazil's Bonde do RolĂȘ.

Ebru Yildiz for NPR

The Stooges Brass Band 2013

The Stooges Brass Band got its start when members of two rival high-school marching bands in New Orleans decided to join forces. Today, the group mixes hip-hop, funk and R&B in its live performances.