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Washed Out perform on KCRW. Larry Hirshowitz/KCRW hide caption

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Washed Out, 'All I Know' (Live)


Producer and songwriter Ernest Greene visits KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic studios to perform songs from his new album, Paracosm. Watch Greene and his five-piece band bring "All I Know" to life.

Mito Habe-Evans/NPR

Anna Von Hausswolff Finds A Pipe Organ In New York City

WNYC Soundcheck

NPR Music captures a beautiful rendition of "Funeral For My Future Children." Since von Hausswolff performs on a pipe organ, it was tough to find a perfect location: Christ Church in New York City.

Chloe Coleman/NPR


Watch Baths, a.k.a. Will Wiesenfeld, as he performs mysterious, textured electronic music in the NPR offices.

Ty Segall (middle) and his band perform "Sleeper" at the 2013 Pickathon for KEXP. Kristina Moravec/KEXP hide caption

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Ty Segall, 'Sleeper' (Live)


The Bay Area rocker went largely acoustic on his new album, Sleeper, so the backwoods near Oregon's Pickathon festival provided an ideal setting for its songs. Watch Segall and his friends perform.

Steve Gunn performs at a Tiny Desk Concert on July 1, 2013. Erica Yoon/Erica Yoon/NPR hide caption

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Steve Gunn

Gunn's music stems from a bushy, overgrown definition of what we often call "Americana." But mostly, his hypnotic long-form jams are perfect for taking it easy. Watch Gunn's trio perform a mesmerizing set at the NPR Music offices.

Daughn Gibson performs live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. Larry Hirshowitz/KCRW hide caption

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Daughn Gibson, 'You Don't Fade' (Live)


Gibson is a former punk and truck driver who now puts an art-rock spin on contemporary country music. Watch Daughn Gibson and his band play "You Don't Fade."

The Buika performs a Tiny Desk Concert in June 2013. Hayley Bartels/Hayley Bartels/NPR hide caption

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Concha Buika's voice doesn't come from inside her petite body: It comes from Africa, and from the past. There are obvious traces of flamenco, itself a historical mash-up of the Moors and various transitory cultures in southern Spain and north Africa. Watch Buika perform in the NPR Music offices.

Sebadoh hangs out in the KEXP parking lot before the band's studio session. Travis Tyler/KEXP hide caption

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Sebadoh, 'Keep The Boy Alive' (Live)


Lou Barlow and Jason Loewenstein released their first Sebadoh album in 14 years, Defend Yourself, in September 2013. They visited KEXP in Seattle to give fans a taste of the new material.

Matt Berninger of The National. KCRW hide caption

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The National, 'I Should Live In Salt' (Live)


With drummer Bryan Devendorf out due to an injury, The National played a pared-down set during its recent visit to KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic studios. Watch them perform "I Should Live In Salt."

Mito Habe-Evans/NPR

Daniel Hope's Earth And Sky Expedition


Watch the violinist play music of the spheres amid twinkling lights with jazz bassist Ben Allison. Hope ponders the cosmos, bringing together music and time, with works from different centuries.