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Men Of The Cloth: As Christian and Paul, Lambert Wilson (left) and Jean-Marie Frin play monks who live in the midst of the Algerian civil war. Their lives and relationships are poignantly captured by director Xavier Beauvois. Marie-Julie Maille /Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Marie-Julie Maille /Sony Pictures Classics

Mohamad Emran Tapa, the cousin of director Tariq Tapa, plays Dilawar, an aspiring pickpocket. Dilawar, like just about every other young character in Zero Bridge, dreams of leaving Kashmir. The Film Desk hide caption

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The Film Desk

Happy Pills? Director Liz Canner's documentary Orgasm Inc., originally intended as a look at the science of pleasure, became an inquiry into the pharmaceutical industry's pursuit of a cause — and a cure — for female sexual dysfunction. First Run Features hide caption

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First Run Features

Dark Matters: Filmmaker Michael Madsen considers the functional and conceptual challenges of Onkalo, a permanent nuclear waste store in Finland — chiefly, how to prevent future civilizations from breaking in before the waste decays. International Film Circuit hide caption

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International Film Circuit

Vienna-born, Berlin-based filmmaker Feo Aladag spent two years researching cases of domestic abuse before writing When We Leave, her directorial debut. Abdelhak Senna/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Abdelhak Senna/AFP/Getty Images

Jason Statham plays Arthur Bishop, a corporate hit man who kills with downright mechanical precision and detachment — until an assignment involving his longtime mentor makes things personal. CBS Films hide caption

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CBS Films

Dark Materials: In Plastic Planet, director Werner Boote interviews scientists (including Austrian environmental analyst Kurt Scheidl, right) to better understand the cultural, environmental and biological effects of plastic production. Thomas Kirschner/First Run Features hide caption

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Thomas Kirschner/First Run Features

Extremities: Frantic to prevent his little brother from having to suffer the same traumas he faced as a child himself, Silviu seizes on a visitor (Ada Condeescu) as an escape route. Film Movement hide caption

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Film Movement

When he realizes he's dangerously ill, Uxbal (Javier Bardem) spends some precious time with his daughter Ana (Hanaa Bouchaib) -- and reluctantly lets his kids get to know their estranged mother, who's anything but a good influence. Jose Haro/Roadside Attractions hide caption

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Jose Haro/Roadside Attractions

Shown in April 2001, Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews attend the 10th Annual ELLA Award presentation in Beverly Hills, Calif. Alexander Sibaja/Newsmakers hide caption

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Alexander Sibaja/Newsmakers

Blake Edwards, Master Of Sophisticated Slapstick

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Still A Player: Jeff Bridges returns to the role of Kevin Flynn, who in an expensive new sequel to 1982's Tron has spent decades trapped in a video game-inspired digital world. Disney Enterprises, Inc. hide caption

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Disney Enterprises, Inc.

A Potent Art: Helen Mirren stars as Prospera, a powerful sorceress exiled on a lonely island. Seeking revenge and a mainland future for her daughter, she conjures up a storm that wracks a ship bearing her enemies and blows it to her island's shores. Melinda Sue Gordon/Miramax hide caption

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Melinda Sue Gordon/Miramax

Moving Forward: Kerry Washington plays Patricia, a '70s civil-rights lawyer trying to put her former radicalism to rest in order to raise her daughter in peace. Complications arise when Marcus, the man many believe caused her husband's death, reappears. Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Magnolia Pictures

Jana, played by Daniela Kolarova, and her husband, Pavel (Martin Huba), are interviewed for a documentary when Pavel receives the "Memory of the Nation" award, but the documentary threatens to reveal personal secrets and divide a family. Menemsha Films hide caption

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Menemsha Films

Striking Back: With the support of union representative Albert (Bob Hoskins, left), auto-factory workers Rita (Sally Hawkins) and Connie (Geraldine James) lead an equal-pay push that eventually becomes a national movement. Susie Allnut/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Susie Allnut/Sony Pictures Classics