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In November, Hans (Jörgen Liik) is the object of a village girl's desire. What unfolds is a dark and surreal love story with spirits, werewolves, plagues, and even the devil himself. Oscilloscope hide caption

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In Double Lover, Chloé (Marine Vacth) falls in love with her psychoanalyst Paul (Jeremie Reiner). As they get closer, Chloé starts to learn some insidious secrets about her lover. /Cohen Media Group hide caption

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/Cohen Media Group

Greg Barker's The Final Year finds former President Barack Obama grappling with foreign policy decisions. Figures from left: Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power, Secretary of State John Kerry, and President Barack Obama. Kevin Lamarque/Reuters hide caption

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Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

In A Blazer of Glory: Preppy Addison (Ansel Elgort) preps to investigate a murder in November Criminals. Sergei Bachlakov/Vertical Entertainment hide caption

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Sergei Bachlakov/Vertical Entertainment