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Claudia Peschiutta

Claudia Peschiutta

Supervising Editor, Morning Edition

Claudia Peschiutta is a supervising editor for NPR's Morning Edition. She helps to create the lineup, edit scripts and work out a myriad of details that go into making a daily show.

She's an award-winning journalist who spent more than two decades covering news in Southern California. Peschiutta started her career as a print reporter at a group of weeklies in the San Gabriel Valley. The hours were long and the pay unremarkable, but she learned a lot and used the experience to get a job at Times Community News.

While at the Glendale News-Press, Peschiutta covered business and politics and was sent to Washington, D.C., to report on what was then the most expensive House race in history, Adam Schiff's successful bid to unseat incumbent James Rogan. She got herself into a private Schiff fundraiser with then-President Bill Clinton but was so surprised to bump into the commander in chief that she gave herself away and got kicked out.

In 2001, Peschiutta became a reporter and columnist at the LA Business Journal. She covered local media and met several newsroom managers, including one who said she had a nice voice and asked whether Peschiutta had ever considered going into radio. In fact, she had done some radio reporting as a student at UCLA but then decided it would be more fun to become a DJ.

What Peschiutta learned during her time as DJ Bailey served her well when she became a general assignment reporter at KFWB-AM. She spent her days driving all over the Greater LA area covering everything from homicides to high-profile trials.

In 2005, Peschiutta became the West Coast correspondent for the FOX News Radio network. She covered Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath and several other natural disasters.

In 2006, Peschiutta returned to local news as a reporter at KNX News radio. She became the LA City Hall bureau chief and earned a reputation for asking tough questions, holding leaders accountable and standing up for press freedoms.

Throughout the pandemic, Peschiutta covered COVID-19's impacts on LA County and was constantly taking questions from the public and helping people navigate this unprecedented crisis. CCNMA: Latino Journalists of California recognized her coverage by naming her Latina Journalist of the Year (2021).

This newshound does have a life outside of work. Peschiutta loves to travel, sing karaoke and eat good food (hopefully prepared by someone else).

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