Ella Taylor Ella Taylor is a free-lance film critic, book reviewer and feature writer living in Los Angeles.

Ella Taylor

Film Critic

Ella Taylor is a freelance film critic, book reviewer and feature writer living in Los Angeles.

Born in Israel and raised in London, Taylor taught media studies at the University of Washington in Seattle; her book Prime Time Families: Television Culture in Post-War America was published by the University of California Press.

Taylor has written for Village Voice Media, the LA Weekly, The New York Times, Elle magazine and other publications, and was a regular contributor to KPCC-Los Angeles' weekly film-review show FilmWeek.

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L to R: Eddy Galland, David Kellman and Bobby Shafran were identical triplets separated at birth; the documentary Three Identical Strangers explores their fascinating story. ... Stories. NEON hide caption

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A night nanny (Mackenzie Davis) and a harried mother (Charlize Theron) develop an unusual relationship in Tully. Kimberly French/Focus Features hide caption

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Kimberly French/Focus Features

Carlotta (Marion Cotillard) suddenly returns, making the life of her old lover Ismael (Mathieu Amalric) a little more complicated in the process. Jean-Claude Lother/Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Jean-Claude Lother/Magnolia Pictures

Stalin's Dead and Red in The Death of Stalin. L to R: Dermot Crowley as Kaganovich; Paul Whitehouse as Mikoyan; Steve Buscemi as Krushchev; Jeffrey Tambor as Malenkov; Paul Chahidi as Bulganin. Nicola Dove/IFC Films hide caption

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Nicola Dove/IFC Films