Scott Neuman Scott Neuman works as a Digital News writer and editor, handling breaking news and feature stories for Occasionally he can be heard on-air reporting on stories for Newscasts and has done several radio features.
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Vivian Taylor-Wells was staying at a Red Cross shelter in Vicksburg, Miss., after the rising Mississippi River forced her from her home a week ago and her money for a motel room ran out. Dave Martin/AP hide caption

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Dave Martin/AP

An Office Depot store in Mountain View, Calif., was looking to hire new employees last month. Retailers led the way in hiring for April, with 57,000 jobs. Paul Sakuma/AP hide caption

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Paul Sakuma/AP

A U.S. F-16 jet fighter took off from a NATO airbase in Aviano, Italy, last month. The Pentagon has estimated that U.S. involvement has cost taxpayers more than $600 million at last count. Luca Bruno/AP hide caption

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Luca Bruno/AP

Egyptian anti-goverment demonstrators flood Cairo's landmark Tahrir Square early Friday. Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images