Shannon Rhoades Shannon Rhoades is a senior supervising editor for Morning Edition.

Shannon Rhoades

Senior Supervising Editor, Morning Edition

Shannon Rhoades started with Morning Edition in 2000, working with Susan Stamberg (her first day on the job was spent at the National Gallery of Art, and she knew it was a happy match). She is now a senior supervising editor based at NPR West. Shannon covers books, movies, and television but has also edited Renee Montagne's coverage from Afghanistan, Steve Inskeep's road trip along the U.S.-Mexico border, and David Greene's reporting from Cuba.

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Mayte Garcia looks back on her relationship with Prince in a new book titled The Most Beautiful. Sinead Lynch/Getty Images hide caption

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Sinead Lynch/Getty Images

Mayte Garcia Knew She Would Marry Prince, But Could Never Have Predicted How

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