Mary Glendinning Mary Glendinning is Deputy Chief of the Research, Archives & Data Strategy team.
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Mary Glendinning

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Mary Glendenning, photographed for NPR, 19 September 2019, in Washington DC.
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Mary Glendinning

Deputy Chief, RAD

Mary Glendinning is the Deputy Chief of NPR's Research, Archives & Data Strategy (RAD) group. Together with RAD Chief Laura Soto-Barra, she plans, directs and coordinates all RAD activities, projects and products.

Glendinning coaches and ensures that her RAD colleagues have the skill sets necessary to navigate an ever-changing and expanding universe of sources, technologies, tools and methods. She works with a creative team of researchers, developers, taxonomists, archivists, historians, product owners and interns. She manages RAD's research and fact-checking initiatives, metadata creation and tagging, audio archives, transcription and information vendor relationships. Throughout all of RAD's work, Glendinning instills in her team a commitment to accuracy and excellence, putting a premium on visibility and transparency.

The RAD team is responsible for the development, stewardship and deployment of Artemis, NPR's digital archive of radio audio, transcripts and metadata dating back to 1971. Glendinning is working with the Artemis team as they expand the archive to include NPR stories in all formats and as they strengthen NPR's unique taxonomy. An important component of RAD's portfolio is training and outreach, and she directs those activities as well as guides RAD's burgeoning social media presence.

Before she joined NPR in 2004 as a reference librarian, Glendinning worked in librarian and researcher positions at the Freedom Forum, ABC News, LexisNexis and the Association of American Medical Colleges. She also served as a VISTA volunteer with an adult literacy program in Baltimore. Glendinning earned her degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins University.

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